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Happymonday 2015

I was hoping for a budget folding phone but oh well.

Minute Hustle

Why would somekne buy that when they can have a phone and a huge tablet in one lol

sulabh ghimire

the phone looks better than the other 2 but the price doesnt. the tech might be really advanced but if you are putting a mid range processor the price should not exceed 6-700$ for max, then legimtely the sales will rise at an astonishing rate

Eleven Thoughts

Make the compact version a watch and I'll fucking buy it.

darla mccoy

To expensive for a cheapy phone...sorry.

Jonathan Fredrick

Looks like this unboxing channel has become a talk show...

Robert Hayes

Definitely a market for this design for sure.

Yajurv Bhatia

Yessssss!!!! Yesss!!! Bring it back!!! Yesss!!!

Noddra Taylor

I want this, but I want it to be as good as a flagship device I would not trade my Samsung if it was not as snappy as my note 8 but I would trade my samsung for something that fits in my pockets


For me this looks much more promising than any other fold design.

Rich R

Dig it. But for 1500$ it should have better hardware.

Yousuf Meeran

Oh!! Cant wait for this to come out. My last smallest phone was the razr. then jumped to the biggest phone then The Nokia communicator. Price don't matter, if any of these historical phone are back I'm buying. Cheers Mate, thx for the info.

Brandon Langdon

That's what I wanted , when they started talking about foldable phones the Razr is what came to mind but it would have to have flagship specs because that's what I need.


How is this unbox therapy. All you did was promo a product that is not even out yet. Stupid. Definitely will not watch your channel again


It's better that the screen is on the inside


But at that price. Maybe up to 500$ but nothing more

lone wolf

Well this phone is grate looking forward in to it but hoping that it would be bigger than the usual hopefully that it has larger display 5inch when fold or 6inch the main concern is that the battery of it hope could last atleast One week if they can do this Motorola will be the greatest phone ever made

Lucian S

As a man, I need a phone like this one that would fit nicely in my jeans pocket.
Love the outer screen for using it with small tasks and checking notifications . I'd just make its outer screen a bit bigger to cover more area.
Fantastic concept, I like it.
I don't want the best phone as in specs, but rather a more practical one. This might be the one

Funkotronimus Prime

I miss having a phone as an object, and not simply an app, or feature on what some of us old folks might call a “PDA”

Hand some

Jerryrigeverything will snap that phone instantly

tytyereal XboxPlayer

Maybe I would get it if it had the power of an average flagship in that form factor I'd love that

Jacob Paint
If they hold off and bring the cost down then so long as they aren't beaten to the punch this could work. There is a huge market for people that don't use all the extra power of high end phones but pay the extra money just to have a top end device... can you convince them that they need to pay more for that device to be foldable and still deliver essentially the same quality for how they use their phone? I'd suggest that a Moto 360 3 Smartwatch should come out with this implying that you don't need your… Read more »
some Guy

This seems like it will solve a problem that no one has. Is this for people with really tiny pockets? I just rather buy a normal smartphone instead.

LoafOvBread Gaming

Yeah, sure. Lets go BACKWARDS and go back to flip phones lol

Jonathan Carpenter

Get it down to $500 and I'll be first in line. I think the Razor was successful in large part tk its accessibilities by the masses. I'll take lower power at lower price to get the small form factor again.


I usually keep my phone's in my pockets when im on the go. Smaller form factor is def a plus for me. The price however is too gatdamn high.