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Tessa Jane

Luckily i have to go through my dirty clothes individually everytime because my washer eats rags and socks. I couldnt imagine that happening! Cant believe she made it

Mia Bivenour

Aww poor baby your doing an amazing job helping her ❤️❤️


It’s too bad you’re not keeping her she seems to have a very docile and sweet personality

Little Paws 18120

Glad you were able to foster her! I know you will pick the best mommy or daddy for her. She is very beautiful, scars and all!


Oh my god. That’s crazy, she’s so strong, hopefully you find her a good home 🖤


Omg gimme lol I need a snake like that 😂

thc mermaid

She is so adorable, I am so glad she is okay 💕

lexy bloom

that's absolutely insane! i can't imagine how this poor babe felt


Ouch, poor girl. 😭 She's so lovely. Why do people who take such poor care of their animals always have the animals I'd love to have? How do you not notice a snake in your laundry? Do people just not check their clothes?

Shannon Elizabeth

I WISH I lived in Canada near you right now, this girl has struck at my heart strings! I have always wanted a ball python and I love her 😭 the poor girl, how you couldn’t notice a full grown snake in amongst the washing I will never know 🤔 x

Stinkie Skinkie

Every pet owner should really double check their laundry and washing machines/dryers. This thing can happen to any kind of pet including cats and small dogs. One of my cat’s kittens who I adopted out to a neighbour only had him for a short while until I heard he died because they turned on the dryer while he’s sleeping inside. So PLEASE double check everything before using the machines.

Victor G

If we lived closer I would take her. I have a extra enclosure that is I'm pretty sure 75 gallons big.

Alexis Yates

I guess I’m moving to Canada so I can get laundry!

Michelle Ferrence

Awww pore baby!!! You have to keep her please!!! I know its a suden adopt but, i want you to keep her because i know youll take care of her! Please just think about it! Name her surviver!! Really, keep her! I know, i know you cant but please try to!! She would be a great part of you crew! 😍👏🐍 edit: you found her a home...FINE!! Jk! Im glad she found a home! Hope its a good one!

Melanie Seacrest

Me watches your Craigslist video

Has 8 inch wheel
Runs to pet store to get a 10 inch wheel

Wolf Ferrets

She is such a sweatheart I’m glad she survived she is such a cute boop noodle☺️


Damn that’s crazy! Poor girl but 100% glad she’s here!
Keep up the amazing care and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Destiny Boyd

Awe I wish I lived in Nova Scotia so I could adopt her! She sooooo cute

Seaweed ASMR

How can someone adopt her? I’m rly considering it!

Heidi K.

This is one of my biggest fears with my rats whenever I wash their bedding and hammocks. Even though I always do a head count to make sure everyone is accounted for after taking everything out, I always double check everything as I throw it in the washer... and still I always have random moments of panic in the middle of the cycle.

Mary Morris

That's one strong snake! I would have been completely traumatized if that happened to me. Glad she made it. Hope you find her the perfect home.


Where do you find all these rescues? I hope she finds a good home.