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Marco giovanardi

Sento commenti poco positivi su questa lavatrice

Vlad Musca

Finalmente ho avuto tutti i soldi da parte del venditore. Grazie per la vostra comprensione Samsung Romania. Ho comprato una macchina Miele 960. WMV è un gioiello! Il detersivo utilizzato (Twindos) fanno tutti i soldi.

Vlad Musca
In June 13, 2014 I bought a washing machine Samsung WW10h9600ew tip I paid 2200 USD (1900 €). The joy lasted four months. Car detergent dosing system was broken. It was replaced detergent dosing system self. No it has not worked well. After many phone calls and emails 19/12/2014 defective washing machine was replaced with a new one. 20/04/2015 Unfortunately the automatic dosing system has failed. A technician Samsung changed again. Again after four months 29/08/2015 automatic dosing system failedI noticed Samsung on this case and I asked him to replace me with one reliable product. I can not understand… Read more »