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Video Lover

Be sure to do some Videos of this Washer running with Extra Rinse turned on & with Extra Rinse + Presoak turned on as well. 🙂

Hopefully you can also do some Videos of this Washer running with the Heavy Soil Option turned on to see what it does, as I think that the Main Wash Cycle is longer, when the Heavy Soil Option is selected. 🙂🤔

Cristy L

I was wondering, why is it recommended to put the detergent in first? Does it really make that much of a difference?

Bruce Solomon

About two or three months ago I finally ditched the Whirlpool direct drive set from 1990 and replaced them with a pair of Speed Queen con op machines in my apartment building in Delray. The build quality is astonishing. It’s equal in every way to my Speed Queen front loading pair.


The pushing down is needed because you used TOO MUCH water. I know. Crazy


Will this new model stop the indexing like the older ones did after they break in or is it a permanent feature


this cycle is more like DELICATE!


Excellent washer how could you go wrong with this. Even for those who don’t know how to wash clothes properly they are bound to get cleaned by default.

Brad Doe

Maytag commercial 575 wins the agitator battle, more pulling clothes from the top down to the bottom and around again. If the lid was locked on the above video, you likely would not have even known the clothes needed rearranging. Even after moving the clothes, I didn't notice much top to bottom movement. Just my opinion after watching a bunch of these videos of both washers.

Peter S

I was surprised it did slow speed on washing — I would think it would do full speed on a bulky cycle. Anything really bulky would really need the Heavy cycle. Thanks for posting.

Bruce Solomon


Dustin Burgess

This is the perfect cycle for all types of different items...I think jeans and lightly dirty clothes, helps reduce fabric wear.

Terry Jourdain

I wonder why the bulky cycle has a slower agitation?

Gary Karczewski

I am still thinking the Maytag Commercial does a better job of agitation thus no need to stop wash push sheets down then restart wash

This machine, along with the older models are a BEAST!! I bought one in 2014 to replace my wave force washer which was a pain of trouble. The first thing I did was test the suspension. I washed a good size bathroom rug in it, when it went into spin. I stopped the washer, balled the rug up in a ball and restarted it. The washer never vibrated one bit, and I swear it laughed at me and gave me the finger and said " is the best you can do to get me off balanced" I knew right there… Read more »
Rex Oliver

If that washer agitated at fast speed the air bubbles wouldn’t be a problem-no pushing by hand required.

Samuel Fellows

How does the conditioner dispenser work? I’m guessing that the liquid is flung to the side of the top of agitator at wash spin and falls out of the holes when stopped — as it only has 1 wash + 1 rinse and final spin, compared to our 🇬🇧 front loaders — that have 1 wash, 2 rinses, a final rinse with conditioner and spin — has conditioner compartment in drawer.