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Zascos Space

Hello Ken,

The installation guide which comes with the dishwasher utility mentions that there is a black disc needs to be removed first. This is before connected the water-in hose to the water source.

My question is: do you know where the black disc exactly?!

Steve Williams

Thanks. I have a new installation with a new front panel. I see you didn't re-use the little "T-shaped" brackets at the bottom. why not? also, the "handle" that matches your other cabinets is on the side-- wouldn't you want a handle in the middle to open correctly (it's heavy and there is a seal, so I'd think it should be balanced to open. Otherwise, helpful and many thanks!

Eivind Throndsen

Thanks! You've made a really thorough guide that has made me feel confident I can do this. Great job!


Also the leak I experience is one drop per hour! Shall I worry about it ?

Ethan Jacobs

When i installed a siemens integrated dishwasher there was an aluminum strip (+/- 600x100mm) that came with the machine and i dont know where it is supposed to go. It says "top" on it and has arrows on it showing front. Please help


Thanks, that was helpfull. Had to replace the door handle and could not figure out how to remove the front panel

Stephen Edwards

Thanks, v. helpful indeed. (on my bosch there are a couple of brackets at the bottom of the door too. which engage into the bottom, but i think i'd need the template to correctly place these.


What size of the adapter for the water inlet was it? ¾" to ½"?