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Ruby T.

Where is this? Looks like the Boardwalk from the Lost Boys

Guilianna Camastro

Am I the only one that watched this too many times?

Meiraine Tips

Mark rober going to a carnivals
Carnival:Sorry were closed

Tao Boone-Storm

he is at the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk

Bree the Bumblebee

You can get that bear at Walmart for 5$ but I just want the glory of winning

Lyrical Songs

Who else is watching this and getting the tips so your ready for the State Fair ?

Kirsty Tingley

I couldn’t hear anything at the end?


Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk = my childhood.


What about mr beast? They win almost every prizes from a carnival XD

legendary rebel yt

I won that ladder climbing thing at 3rd try


Iv been to this carnival where they had games and a gift shop.
I paid $5 to play a game to get a toy and I won on my first try.
After I went to the gift shop and the same toy was there and it was $2

Jamesta James

Oh you’re that guy that claims to do “science”, but forget crucial factors.

Jilly Bean

The ladder one is my favorite i only lost once

ambreena punekar

When you play a trap version of circus music at a theme park...

Habib Makda

Come on no one plays 🏆for the prize they play for the H O N O R🤩

Crøwned Trancy

Im kind of a professional at the Ladder Game. The trick ? Lay on your stomach and pull your self up with your hands. Congratulations, your now a Pro .


I've won the ring toss game at Las Vegas. IT WAS HARD and I was only 4. I was never nice enough to get my sister a hello Kitty!

christopher Rivera

Can you make more then 2 videos a month. You made me love science


17000 carnies gave this video a thumbs down


No wonder why mr beast couldn’t do the ring toss game

Gamer Connnor26565

You might not get the same you spend but it’s more fun then just buying it

Hxney. Evo

I lost the ladder one 4 times and the workers are like “you need to leave because you may not lose more than 2 times and there are people behind you” (there wasent anyone)

Stryder Eternal

There’s one in England that has Basketball hoops that don’t even let the ball in

Josef Günter
One small thought: You said that many of these games wouldn't be worth it even if you beat them first try. But the prices calplush shows on their website are only meant for businesses. You would usually need to buy 50 toys to get the same price or order them otherwise. Now, I've found them sold individually, starting at 6$. Which isn't much for a toy (most stores have more expensive plush toys), but still more than what you'd pay for one try. And these things are meant to be fun by themselves, too. So, I'd rate the cost fair.… Read more »
CL Gaming

the youtuber named mrbeast threw around 10k plastic rings at thesame time and they only got 1ring out of 10k

Zeafer Jones

I suck at darts and that actually helped me in the dart balloon game. I pop the balloon every time then I figured out why. I throw a dart like I shoot a basketball and I put a lot of arch on it. On a dart board I always lose to my friends that throw the dart straight but people who throw the dart straight lose at the balloon game.