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Floyd Tapia

Good video; now I realize how many things could go wrong with a dish washer. Oh well, better than washing by hand.


I didn't know that Brit's poop on their dishes after they finish eating off of them


Where can i find the "how to manually do the dishes" video?


umm, are torches included when i buy a dishwasher? because i'm afraid of creepers not to blow my face off!


LOL! I was thinking the same thing. Looks like he did some gardening with the plates instead of eating off them


Hmmm...use common sense and if you still can't fix it, get a new one. GREAT advice. I'm sure dishwasher manufacturers are happy with you.

Xavier Washington

What do you do when your dishwasher doesn't work?

A: Slap her.


I've always wanted to take shit in the dishwasher at the frat house. Now I know what the result will be. Thanks!


Looks like someone ran out of toilet paper and resorted to using the dishes!

Kimberly Chase

Do we really have to wash them first??? What's the point?Most dishwashers detect the temp of the water...silly...

Nathan Lock

I think if they stop taking a shit on the dishes first, things might improve 🙂


after seeing that i might see if i can clean my toilet in the dishwasher

Andrew X

If the dishwasher fills with water but the wash motor will not start, the problem may be the capacitor.  The capacitor is a black boxy rectangle maybe 3"x2"x1" attached to the underside of the dishwasher.  Easy to replace once you pull out the dishwasher and turn it on its side.$10 dollar item.  Be sure to get all the residual water out before tipping the machine on its side.

mark worthy

The dishwasher tablet is not dissolving when after its fine through its cycle

fariba hosseiny

I put dishes during the function of dish washer how can I fix it?It is on but is not working I am really devastated

Graeme Donald

my siemens is showing a flashing light under the tap on the screen and the code E-15. How can I correct fault.

Robert Fletcher

My dishwasher has dirty residue left behind after washing.  What could be causing this?

Debbie Hopwood

My door isnt latching properly so it wont work what can i do please. Thank you in advance.

I am in the US and every dishwasher I have had heats its own water and is connected to the cold water line. I had a funny problem: Unpopped popcorn kernels ended up inside the lower washer arm. It was a simple fix; On a GE you GENTLY pry the plastic lever (on the front or back depending on your Model) away from the axis, at the same time grasp and pull up on the arm. It should slide off. CAUTION: never force anything; the plastic, especially on older models may be brittle; if you snap off the lever it… Read more »
Nico van Os

Water needs to be 140 degrees F, but don't measure that with a thermometer that only goes to 120 degrees F.


E4 error keeps coming up on the panel of belling id's 450 dishwasher. How can I fix this problem.

Water heaters are often a great distance from the dishwasher, taking some time before hot water arrives.  Result, cold water entering the dishwasher during operations.  Adding an open loop hot water circulating pump under the kitchen sink can solve this problem.  But, since dishwashers are not always operated at the same time day after day using a 24 hour timer based hot water circulating pump would just waste energy on days when the dishwasher wasn't used. Integrating a mechanical spring wound mechanical timer, similar to those used on sauna's, to the RedyTemp's momentary contact based on-demand activation RJ11 port provides owners… Read more »

Eating too many beans and not enough steak and potatoes.


try putting sulfuric acid in the washer run it a cycle , every so often get used dishwashers off craigslist from those people who remove good units for a new chaching pricey to look at kitchen. never buy a used unit in a poverished neighborhood, more like ly theyve had the shit runoutah them because they never eat out and run the thing everyday.buy a used washer from a ritsey area, as they eat out because its so conveinyent...and they remodel for looks and throw away great appliances,


1. The filters are stuck. Take them out and clean them under running water with some soup.

2. The water discharge is stuck. This can happen when you´re running the machine only in low-temp-mode or eco-mode under 60° celsius.


If the dishwasher won't drain odds are the filter is blocked or clogged. You don't need a professional to clean it. Look on YouTube for videos.

Fuad Ali

Our dishwasher leaves water in the bottom of the unit when done washing


خالد العمري

الحين يمدحها ولا يبين علومها ليتني افهمه