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Zubair Khaliq

I want to buy this machine so I don't need to get married

ibrahem younes



Hopefully $1,000+ sounds like poor grammar usage

Mohan Gopal

श्रीमान जी मुझे आती है मशीन अत्यंत चलेगी मैं इस मशीन को व्यापारिक कार्य हेतु खरीदना चाहता हूं कृपया मेरी उसके बारे में संपूर्ण जानकारी देने की कृपा करें मेरा व्हाट्सएप नंबर है 8209503019

Amsaveni Durairaj

please you phone number my pho ne number is 9344866499 9578581900

Jitendra Soni

Nice handy so easy can u provide availability contact in India

Anthiah Martine

I am martin Waiting for your reply I send my enquiries please contact me 91 8056009075 anthiahmartine@gmail.com

Hardik Zaveri

i need this machine in india. kindly provide contact detail


I am interest please call me this how much this machine rate please tell me my mail ID ravichandranmakeover@gmail.com Gmail.com number my number 938 3833 833

Anand kumar

My what's up no 9500264929 ,I am interested to buy this machine

dinesh kumar

Hi I am dinesh I would like to know features of the machine is it possible to shipping in India contact me 9943145353

Venkatachalapathi Baskar

Whether it irons the dresses?

Arun Munusamy

wher can i get this machine in india please give me address

kishore kola

How to purchase I like give me the contact number

prakash prakash

Only folding if any other process give me a details I want to buy

Go Krishna

I am indian i want bay this machine please sending me details

basith aslam

Hi good morning I need to by this ironing machine. Please call to me (8778858139)


hopefully V2 has a hopper so I can be even lazier

ravirajam 1995

సార్ ఇ మిస్సన్ ఐరన్ చేస్తుందా ?

krishna kumar

Is it only folding or ironing and folding g??

Burak Akpinar

why to give jews more support, to terrorize the world with their money more?

acmad mautante

Where can I buy this in Philippines? Ang how much?

Ramsey Being

Doesn’t really solve the problem, you still have to feed them into the machine one by one