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how north pole (coil A) experiences repulsion from south pole?

Aditya Singh

I had heard that PMDC motors just use field magnets instead of copper coils but i can see coils here O.o How????

Aman Kataria

This kind of DC 3 pole motors armature winded in delta usually, not in star...!!!!!


sir how we can charge a dc motor weak magnets? ans me plz if u know how we charge dc motor magnet charge

Sagar Sharma

North will attract south then south will also attract north

Jarl Inge Sandvik

Why not supply magnetism in to magnetcharing coils insted. Then the motors not need any power input. An goes forever. Eternty. The world is fooled. And i fiks that. Remember the coils is just making a pull og drag on the stator. The samme as a distant contaktor magnet doing in my idee. And remember all magnets can be conected and if you short a tre star contected magnets. Ore star conected magnets. It vil not be a magnet any longer. So just 1magnet coil can open ore close alott of magnet overunty force.

Usman shahzeb

Can permanant magnet be used in ac motor? Beside toys,dc motor

Sanjaya Kumar Sahoo

I am really impressed your video sir am an electrical student.

asshat Jackson

Duk tuk tuk noo tuk duk duk du tuk tuk