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Csabi Aszalos-Vajda
Thank you. The method worked for me for the same type of pressure switch Metalflex HD 505. I only tightened the middle screw for higher water level and tested for continuity (as you showed) while adding more water with the door closed and mains not connected. Washing is now better with more water at full load but less efficient with partial load. My machine has no half load button and originally used only about 8 liters of water for a full load at the first stage and when I submerged a washed-and-dried towel in clear water (baby bath) a very… Read more »
Jean Claude Ho

So if I want to increase the water level,  I need to play with the middle screw but should I turn clockwise ? is ¼ turn enough? Thanks


Would you be interested in a mop and bucket. Very cheap.

Bud Wizer

Thanks for your Vid. this made me realized the water didn't have to reach the switch :p and that the pressure seal was broken. all fixed now. so air triggers the switch not water! the metal seal had rusted away. I just used electrical tape after sanding surfaces, pulled it nice an tight. i then used a rubber-band to help fasten. thanks.


thanks, at the end i did buy a new one because i cracked the switch and it wasn't sealed well.

greg bradfield-smith

It is not a good idea to tamper with pressure switches, unless you fancy flooding out your kitchen. Buy a new one. They don't cost much. Be aware, most problems are with the chamber on the other end of the tube, not the switch.