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Sven C

Perfect.Easy job. Found the seal gets ripped when dragging clothes out of the machine after a wash...in a solid ball, rather than the rubber material deteriorating.

Lisa Marchant

Thank you for a great video. Didn't take long at all following your steps. Leak free washing machine now!

Roger Norman

Brilliant video, I changed the seal on a similar dryer in not much more than an hour even without all the best tools. Three tips though. Use a flat bladed screwdriver to lever off the retaining springs. Get a friend to help you put back these springs, three hands are much easier than two for this job. Finally, get your new seal from eSpares, great value and service.


Great video, having trouble with putting the new rubber seal on (3:38), just doesn’t stretch to fit properly, any tips? Thanks in advance.

arju khan

Its not as easy as u show in video the most difficult part in the to put on the seal which is they cut and edit it the struggling one.

Malcolm James

Looks easier enough,love these videos from e spares,but would be nice if they told you roughly how much these spares are,saves looking up the prices,but good video though.thanks

Tma Agapiu

Thanks a lot. My Bosch Maxx7 door seal was crack. I found easy replacement in Cyprus for 16 euro and with your video help i replace it in a half hour. Very easy and only 6-7 screws and some clips. Thanks a lot again. Familiar disassembly like your washing machine.

florin ionita

Hi matt im again but I know all about door seal its made in rubber


Thanks for that. Made it so much easier after watching that. The spring bit was the hardest. Oh and drilling out the rusted screw! 😄

Andry Cruz

I just wanted to warn those people who own a Bosch VarioPerfect machine: you may want to consider calling a technician instead of attempting this yourselves. It's not as simple with the VarioPerfect models, as some of the screws are at the bottom of the front cover, etc.

Pierre Chary

Thanks a lot. Your video helped me change the door seal of my Bosch Maxx WFO 2462.
The hardest for me was to get the hairdryer down and back on top of the washing machine alone! (the springs were also a bit of a pain)

anthony low-shang

On my Maxx 6 machine there is no tork screw on the left side of the control panel face it's a plastic plug of sorts. How do I remove it to get the whole panel off. Thanks.

Josep Camós

Very useful, thank you so much. Another seal replaced in Spain thanks to this video! 🙂

In my case (WFO1873) the front panel remains connected to the lock of the door... because of a sensor or something like that, so it's pretty annoying because you've got to take the front panel out but keeping it close enough to the machine --unless you want to disconnect this sensor (or whatever), which is not necessary in the end.

Jill Parry

Absolutely fantastic help. Thanks a million. Mind you, one of the 'stainless steel' screws on my old Bosch machine was rusty!!

Simon Woolley

Brilliant video! I feel like a superhero having done this successfully myself. Washing Machine Repair Man etc But those darn spring rings are THE WORST! Much swear and swearing.

Kannan Ramanathan

very useful video my friend... thanks lot

Geoff Roberts

Excellent instructions — followed to the frame and my repair went like a dream. But WHY OH WHY can't they arrange to have identical screws everywhere — it's really not beyond the wit of a decent deisgn engineer.

Roy Soper

Great video, second door seal I've fitted on this machine now, last one has been fitted for a couple of years but started spitting and leaking. Different supplier for this one so hope it last a little longer.

Hisham Abdalla

Is using distilled vinegar safe on those rubber gaskets?

paul clarke


Gordon Kinghorn
Did this on a Bosch Excell 8 ...Different screws etc to get to the seal so that was fine but it was an absolute nightmare trying to get the seals clipped in round it ... I had an official Bosch seal maybe it’s made from different rubber but it was a nightmare to try and get it sealed ... the wires didn’t go round anywhere near as easy as your one and I had to get the wife to help me stop it pulling everything out as they clamped on it ... Its not done yet after an hour and… Read more »
E. Krause

Thank you very much for this video. It saved my day. I have watched many german videos and I always made the same mistakes. Then I found your video and suddenly it works. Very well explained and well shown.

Joanna Rutter

Thank you so much, with your help I was able to get everything done perfectly. I struggled a lot at getting the retaining spring, but that had to do with my lack of strength. I have no mechanical training but I was able to fix the washing machine easily, it took me only 40 minutes. Thank you

Simon Smith

I found using the handles of a couple of teaspoons useful in replacing the spring.Similar to the action used when replacing a tyre on a bike.

Dead by Dawn

Thanks for the very informative video. Is there a way to clean the gasket you would recommend that does not involve removing it and having to dismantle the front of the machine? I have seen other videos that show soaking it in bleach but obviously that also involves removing it

Joris Borms

My machine was a little different, but this video helped a lot! Thanks!


какой смысл им всё это показывать?

Karen Bridges

Haha, when this video cut from when he was putting the tension wire on, to when he actually got it on, was a gap of about one hour with lots of sighing and swearing, because that's where I'm fucking at 🤣 God, someone give me strength to continue 😪😪😪

Michael Lee

Cheers mate, successfully changed my door seal and the door handle (not without a few !!@#$#@#!!+# words) and saved myself $$ hundreds!


Thank you very much, someone buy this man a bloody Pint!

Paul D

Perfect, thanks. On some variants (Classixx 2005 in my case) there are no screws on the front panel by the door latch but there is 1 retaining screw on the bottom fascia plate to the rear of the drain pump flap

Patricio L. Cabedo Almenara

El mejor vídeo que he visto sobre este tema de la marca Bosch. Gracias.
The best video I've seen on this Bosch brand. Thank you.


Thanks very much. I managed (after some struggling) to replace the door seal on my Bosch Maxx WFO 2430 washing machine

william fincher

Hi... Really useful video however i have followed the instructions to the letter and now the washing machine won't turn on. I presume a connection has come loose. Any advice as to what that may be?

Chris Hobcroft

Great work Matt, thanks for the advice, disassembling it all seems a bit daunting, especially the bit about replacing the inner retaining ring, but I think this should be just about doable! Thanks.

Craig Jones

got spring on nearly all the way then just used a screwdriver to lever it home , very easy that way.

Alastair Newey

Bang on explanation! It took me less time than watching the video. Mine washing machine is a Kenwood, but it was pretty much the same as this. Thank you.

Laura Pickens

I couldn't get that last retaining wire on, I tried speaking with a British accent and I slammed that bloody thing in place, and Bob's your uncle, me washer is fixed. Cheers mate!

Paul Hughes

Could you tell me what size the torx screws were?