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Genesis Del Carmen

This is a very good idea, muchas gracias!

uiop uiop

MQTT is used in more and more projects instead of third party services, i like this

Mübin Icyer

OMG. I have exactly same wasching maschine! I can implement it directly.

Jay Are

Great video, great punchlines. Would have been funny if the last thing you pulled from the washing was a dirty underwear.


i always admire the humor . Thank you. awesome video.

Michał Adamus

Washing Machine didn't get any smarter. Is still dumb as it was. Now it is dumb washing machine connect to internet, nothing else. Stop calling things connect to a net as smart things!

Eyyüp Alkış

I have question .You used nod-Red, mqtt and C language with arduino in other video which you publish, is solar wheather station. And this time you are using Mongose os and own mqtt broker. Which one is the best ? I want to use my own mqtt broker on orange pi zero and arduino ide for programming esp01 and nod-Red for endpoints. But I want to learn if there exist easier way to succeed to create independent smart home project

Regular Guy Mountain Biking

Thank you for this video, really great information! I'm trying to figure out this Mongoose stuff. I run a Mac and after I installed MOS I don't get anything like what you have on the screen. Are the UI's just different? It looks like the Mac one I have is used to get a device up on MDASH? Any pointers for me please?

Payam M

Eine Idee die ich auch schon lange hatte aber nie als Projekt begonnen hatte, danke ans erinnern und vor allem für die Hilfe. Bitte dran bleiben und kreative Ideen mit uns teilen 🙂 Grüße aus dem Schwabenland


translated with google translator
hello, good video and good sense of humor
but you have complicated life, if you remove the cover you will find the electronic board where there are cables, connectors and you can get the signal very easily
I did a similar thing with an esp32 that sends me a notification to google home and everything is hidden inside the machine next to the electronic board

bitluni's lab

ooops, forgot to zoom into code... sorry, just noticed

Usman Asghar

Great video, can some one recommend me any MQTT app for iOS. Ideally, it should be able to push notifications.
Thank you

Dan R. Hansen

I was wondering if any of you know a good documented project for a multi device IR controller, running on the esp8266? It's so I can have all my devices controlled by a single tablet.


This is very interesting. I was looking a while to turn on/off my ac remotely since I have a Fujitsu ac with a wired remote, and I this could work, but I don't think I'm able to do this myself, and do not know someone who could. Is there a way to get this ready-made? I just started to automate my home using HA.
Any advice would help.