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Bunny in the Box

Gail Thumbnail:🎵Hello Darkness My Old Friend🎵

Siim Kuusik

Anybody. Which brand has typically the least noisiest grinder from superautomats?


Great that you mentioned that flavoured beans cannot be used with grinders. Great review

Tessa Calico

Finally a video with Gail! So great to see you back!

Paper Finesse

Great to see you again Gail! This looked really interesting. The brew head looked easy to remove. But I just saw the price...Wow. Not low enough for me darn it.

jak p

Looks very German — I like it. Do you guys have parts for this unlike Jura?

Jay G.

Everyone is talking about Gail being back? What happened? The other ladies were good too. Give them a break!

Junior Ocicat

A sensible off timer, unlike the Breville Oracle. 20 minutes max, crazy.

John Edwards

Its $1500 dollars?
The Saeco Gran Barista is the same price and you get profiles and auto milk clean with it.

Paul Schneider

Thanks, Gail! You’re a great demo maker and teacher!