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Geoff Buck

It's more or less impossible to do without removing the front panel and even then, fitting the standard inner and outer bands is really tricky. Just taken me nearly all afternoon to do the job.


Thanks for the video. Managed to change mine in 2 mins after watching the video. Not sure what all the negative comments are for. If you can't figure out how to put a loop over a circle you probably shouldn't be touching an appliance. Thanks again

issi wright

I started to do what this video shows, taking the seal out was quite easy,but trying to put the new seal was nigh impossible,I noticed that there was a short pause while this engineer was replacing the seal. I had to call in a professional to put the seal on, He removed the top and front panel and even then it was not a piece of cake.Don't try this ...


This guy wants to make it look easy in fact it's like trying to fit a bicycle tyre on a rim which is in a very confined space. Fitting the spring retainer things is not easy either especially when they are new.There is obviously a knack to it but our expert here has no intention of explaining it or has edited out the difficult bits to make it seem easy.


Que te has saltado lo mejor so listo, el poner el muelle es lo mas dificil y es lo que tenias que haber grabado.


You lost me at ENGINEER,
an ENGINEER designs things...
You Sir are a REPAIR TECHNICIAN at best.
and judging by the way you faded to BLACK at the most crucial part of the repair , id say you were an
AVERAGE repair man at that.


NOT very good at showing what's going on with his fingers as they are hidden the whole time. Tried to get the inside spring loaded band on but it kept slipping off. Wishing I could stretch the spring. Still can't get it off

Mike Green

bish, bosch, bash, first fing we need to do is remove the band. That is what I am trying to learn how to do, without damaging the rubber seal.Thanks Wayne.

rob evans

this video must go down as a classic,no wonder the guy edited it at the crucial part,because believe u me this job is a bastard,my mate n i have both cut our fingers trying to put this poxy seal on,the designers of this product need fuckin with the blunt end of a ragmans trumpet...

Nedlands Appliance Service
This video shows you how to do it the HARD way.The easy way is to take the front panel off the washing machine. The beauty of Bosch washing machines is that it is SO EASY to remove the front panel.Here's how.AFTER disconnecting the old seal from the front panel of the washing machine as shown in the video, REMOVE the plastic trim across the bottom front (held on by one screw, then slide it to the right). This reveals two screws at the bottom of the front panel . Unscrew them. Then unscrew one screw securing the top of the… Read more »
Thomas Schwarzkopf
A huge over-simplification of the entire process. Makes me believe that 90% of all door seal replacements are not done properly. First, what they don't tell you. The two seal clamps are different sizes so make sure you have the correct one. Also, the flexible spring clamp (as shown in this video) is much easier to install than the wire/spring clamp. If you have the wire/spring clamp, use needle-nose vice-grips and another needle nose pliers. My advice is plan on at least 2 hours, take the top and front off. Take the counter-weights off and install the rubber boot to… Read more »

having a nightmare with the spring that goes around the door seal help



i have Bosch avantixx 7 varioexpert wash machine. Is this tutorial suitable for Bosch Washing Machine? I need help!

gary mac allister

followed instructions,100% correct,took me 20 mins though

michael millar

Great vid watched it a few times did it in 10 mins cheers

Noble Ox
Yeah, but the video fades to black at the crucial point (2:25 I think). I was unable to remove the front of my machine so I had to do it through the door, as is shown here, but I was unable to do it on my own after an hour of pfaffing with that band. Wife came home and, with the extra pair of hands holding the already seated parts in place, we finished the job in a few minutes. Too difficult to do with just one pair of hands IMO. Either use a screwdiver through the door-catch to act… Read more »
Ok...so after more swearing than putting together IKEA furniture... I did it.Finally I got the tube around the ring ,which I think was more good luck than good management, persistence is the key here and you’ll get it after about the 50th f—k or s—-t.Now for that damn spring lock...basically the only way you are going to do this is if you grow a couple more hands. If you find that difficult you could try what I did. I grabbed 3 spring clamps, I taped the ends with electrical tape as I was worried the sharp ends on this particular… Read more »
Bill Bommarito

I don't see how you installed that gasket without removing the exterior panel so that you can get to the wire that holds it in on the inside. Maybe it holds a seal but its not installed properly.

Bear Ystwyth

This guy is a proper 🛎🔚 as the job is an utter b**tard without two people or removing some of the front of the machine. I have the same machine and it took me an hour of meddling about and a screwdriver in the door mount hole to do it. Twat

Rob Thomas

It's OK doing it on a brand new washer, it's just took me twenty minutes to get an old retaining band back on the rubber it had no pay in it what so ever.

Ryan m

I was waiting for him to say fuck it I can't do it

heather Weather

Yeah, this video gave me lots of false optimism. Wtf. Took the thing off, now stuck trying to get it back on and may have to call repairman. Thanks for making something EXTREMELY difficult LOOK easy.


I've never done one without removing the front panel. Id never be able to trust it , as it might leak into the customers home without visual inspection.

Januz Ports

I can't even put back the seal. My hands are bleeding with no success. I should have stayed in the couch eating potato. Bloody seal. argggggh!

ramesh shah

I agree with the below comment! What could have been a simple operation, you made it it into a difficult task. No way I will attaempt doing this after seeing this clip. May be there are other engineers on u yube would show it clearer

R Watson

Took my old seal off and it has a water feed hose at the top that was on with a clip. Unless you have the hands of a child you would not be able to get the clip back on but then you would not have the strength. I guess it's time to see if I can rip the front off but it looks like an all in one. So what do I do? What an over simplified video...use this at your own risk

James Ashworth

Its not a race fella. If this is a 'how to' you should try take the time to explain what yo'ure doing and what to look out for.

Mora Moral

Very bad explanación, Don't give details. Buah!

Steve Connolly
It's a bit fiddly to fit the inner seal, but not too hard. I found the really hard part to be the fitting of the inner Spring. I used hand wash to lubricate the spring and then fitted the top part and held it at the 10 and 2 o clock positions.I then got my wife to gently feed the rest of the spring into the groove. I needed to hold it really tight using pinch grips to avoid its jumping out of the groove, but at the same time it needs to expand under you grip. All now fixed… Read more »
David Hampton

It is possible, but you definitely need two people to put it back together. The parts where the video fades to black. That's where you need 2 pairs of hands

Jose Manuel Tecnico

Haybuna forma mucho mas practica y sencilla. Solo con quitar tres tornillos es mas facil y accesible.