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OMFG I was looking for one of these for ages, i believe the Bosch Aquastream was the same machine


This machine does not have Siemens IQMotor (Their latest one) as this is a old machine, around 1997/1996.


this machine is at least 10 years old !!!!


What great video, I love these machines!

I so want one, but they don't have them on ebay in the UK at the minute!

The wash rhythm is really good, and I love how only Siemens and Bosch fill down the door like this while slowing down from the spin, it is really good.

I love the rinse level too, is it high because short was selected or is it always high?

How many rinses normally?

Great video 5/5

Annie Mooney

can you tell me the colour of the washing machine because i have no sight so could not see it 🙂

Míele SoftTronic

Great machine, one of the best filling actions, it's a shame that Miele, Bosch, Siemens and Hoover only designed certain models of their machines to fill over the door instead of it continuously circulating the water round and back into the load like Zanussi did with their Jetsystem machines like my WJD1667W.

The spinning action from 4:48-5:36, reminds me of my grand parents old Bauknecht 900 AutoWasher & our Hoover EcoLogic 1200

Again, brilliant filling action at the end of the spin.


was macht die maschine bei disen symbol bei 90 grad (Wasserhan)


@MIDIN100 Das mit dem Wasserhahn bedeutet. dass die eine Laugenabkühlung macht

Can Doğan

I love that machine, I wish it was also found in Turkey:( If you can tell me the FD number, I can tell you the production date of it 🙂


so und nun hab ich die gleiche als bosch!!!

Annie Mooney

you deserve more recognision for your quality videos 🙂 you are brilliant