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Jeffrey Sun
Hi we have a Rinnai tankless water heater and my entire family will be away for a couple of months, so we were thinking of shutting down the unit. Now there is a panel that has an OFF button on it, and btw it is not leaky, so I was wondering if it’d be okay to just shut if off by pressing the button. I did some research online and all of the forums and answers were about a leaky water heater, and most of them involve draining the water inside which I don’t think is necessary for a perfectly-working… Read more »
robert chance
Scott, I appreciate your videos on the tankless water heaters. we had a Rinnai installed in our home about 10 years ago by a licensed plumber that was referred by a local company that sells these. The unit has run well and I flush it typically every two years. I've started having an issue with it and thought I would share it with you.After using the unit, it should go into cool down mode for a minute or so afterwards to purge.what i'm seeing is that even though the hot water has been turned off the unit continues to run… Read more »
Tim Nelson

Great video!
You mentioned if the temp is too high (above 120) and you're mixing more cold water it could cause the heater to shut off.
Why would it shut off?
Reaching a temp limit or the flow is slow and doesn't see a demand?
Thank you for your help.


Question. Would it be practical to install an electic instant water heater after a standered tank water heater. And use the tank as a pre heater on the lowest setting. I have a well with cold water and only space for a 40 gallon water heater and live in Oregon. Any thoughts?

An-Cap Roads

I know this is an older video, but I have a question for ya. A friend's Rinnai only works in the evening. She say's there's no code and that she can run it for 20 min in the morning and still no hot water. A plumber came out and said they cleaned the unit, but I'm not sure what they actually did. Any clue why it would work in the evening but not in the morning?

Melanie Rice

I have a code 25 on mine. How do I clean a condensation trap?

MaryAnn Knudsen

I have no water coming out of faucets ...i checked the vent looks good ... Not seeing any error coders I unplugged and waited still nothing ... Gas bill payed hmm

Olivia Bishop

@ Scott Gregg, got a question, I am in a apt complex with a tankless water heater, lots of people have problems with hot cold, & hot again then cold and hot water again, is it possible for the tank to be the issue, or is it more likely to be a valve in wall situation, that would be the idea for the,issue? I don't think it is cold sandwiches because it will happen 5-15 minutes into a shower, any idea?

Linda Rajaniemi

My biggest problem here in Northern MA is mice getting down into the fan. Rinnai has recommended a bug guard, part #224042. It will be installed today. It has cost me over $600. in 2 years to have mice removed and broken fans replaced. Oh, this time it chewed the rubber boot also. Bug and critter guard $75. to 100.

Vince Guisande

I have a code 13...do you know what this code is?

Lesley Masters

Our builder had a tankless water heater put in three years ago when we built our home. We opened our utility room and saw a puddle under our heater. We discovered the unit was dripping from a corner. Any ideas? Do you service heaters in Manassas, Va?

c p

Useless doesn't tell how to fix it just describe the problems and tells to call the service provider.

Jamie McBane

Hi im getting code 12 on a rinnai. Its about 9 yrs old unit. Never problem till now. Theres no flame inside window at all. My gas is on. Reliance techs coming in two days. Question...how long shpuld it take an experience hvac tech to diagnose the problem? Im paying 99.00 for the diagnoses


Well...I'll stick with my conventional tank DIY unit...

John Walker

I have a Bosch,the biggest problem is the igniter,I've replaced it once,didn't look bad,then just now took that newer one,shined it up with a knife,should have used a brillo pad or steel wool for a better job,but it did make it go from almost no heat to being 100%.These videos are pretty much worthless when you are trying to fix the fkn thing!

Jodi A
Hi Scott, the rental maintenance people installed a tankless water heater in our rental home a few weeks ago. It has never worked appropriately. The water from our taps is either scalding hot or freezing cold regardless of how you set the faucet knobs. The rental company has sent out 3 different people to look at the issue and all have said it's a "sandwich effect" but it sounds like the sandwich effect is a momentary issue, not an issue of water fluctuating between freezing and boiling the entire time you're in the shower (15-20 minutes). Its like the two… Read more »

Hoping someone can help me out, I have Installed a tankless water heater in my garage for my radiant heat application. It has worked great for 2 weeks and now while it is heating water I get vibration coming through the pipes. If I change the temperature to a warmer temperature let's say, the resonating pipe issue becomes worse, if I lower it all the way down to 106 degrees there is basically no vibration or noise coming from the unit. My flow is 1.8 gallons per minute. I am using a takagi jr2

Karen Grammer
Thanks for the tips. I have a faucet in the master bath that will literately takes minutes for the hot water to begin. I have heard maybe it's because it is further away, but it is on the other side of the wall where the the outdoor Rheem tankless water heater. The garden tub, which is located beside this faucet, does not take as long. It is set on 120. We thought we would turn it up to 130. When needing warm or hot water, we don't even turn on the cold water. In other words I don't think it… Read more »
libertyn jeopardy

The main thing that fails in these tankless systems is a buildup on the heat exchanger, this sends an overheat signal to the unit and shuts down the unit. Simply clean the fins on the exchanger with a wire brush or tooth brush, vacuum out the exchanger and your back in business.

Fire Bird

We have the rinnai on our second home. It worked fine up until recently. Now we have code 32 showing and no hot water. Van you tell me what this means? What is the fix for it? Thanks.

Zihorah Husien

I am unable to locate your video part 1, my tankless water heater stopped making hot water when I turn on the water heater it shows 120 F on the monitor, but no hot water at all, I listen to the water heater small device attached to the wall I hear click sound from inside when the faucet is opened. but after a while the number 120 change to 11, my model is ( N-0751M ), any help or advice would be appreciated.

Virgo Nian

I have a tankless water heater eccotemps. Didn’t know I even had a tankless water heater...anyhooooo water won’t warm up and it says E2!!! I didn’t install it, bought the house recently. Can you help?

Doug L

We had a thunder lighting storm go through Atlanta last night. Now the fuses are blown and I replaced them twice today and every time I turn the power on the fuses blow still.
I think lightning shorted the board.
So frustrating.
Now we have no hot water and I can’t afford to replace the unit.


Nope didn't help, how about a Code 65 on a Richmond (Rheem) RMTG-66DVN Appears to be the water valve??? But how to verify and where can I get one?

cheri hill

What does code 11 loc code mean? I know code 11 is gas but what’s the loc mean? It did code 11 3months ago a heater guy came and changed a possible regulator can’t truly remember and it stopped but now is doing the same thing either loc added help please

David Schmaltz

My Rinnai cycles on in three bursts every 30 minutes or so. I get solid flow of water. I have checked for leaks everywhere. Any ideas?


Hi Scott! I have no hot water, when I check the Rinnai control panel I saw that it was off... it won't turn on... do you know why this could be and can I turn it on? Thank you!