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Rohan Jaiswal

You need to learn to move on. Ok... you made your point now continue with your story. You waste a lot to time covering one thing over n over like you did with gang thing


From where would you get content if Arnab retires?


I feel arnab is high on cow dung and piss

imran khan

Just love it yar... exceptional work u guys r doing!!!

amitava paith

Why u r giving importance to bloody assholes Arnab.Wish send Bakshi to border along with all godi media anchors.

Raman Malhotra

If Chaubay would have said anything against Modi, Ambanis would have sacked him??

Mayank Ahlawat

I want to die before elections. Seriously. 😂 😂 😂 😂 🤦🤦🤦

anup singh

love all these brave anchors are who are doing fabulous job.keep it up.


We're done with leaders that 'speak' . We need a leader that 'listens'

Bilal Inamdar

@ newslaundry

Why the Paymodel not adjustable. I mean why can't i donate/pay to newslaundry whatever amount i want e.g 100-150 etc wtihout any subcription ? 300 is the only starting point it seems (not interested in subscription but just to support the cause)

Sardar Khan

Earlier : people ➡ media ➡ Government
Now : Government ➡ media ➡ people
A new paradigm

Chandravijay Agrawal

you exposed everyone 😂😂😂

transparent soulster

NL, HERE IS SOME CORRECTION Dont save Anjana by saying, she aint impressed or look at Anjana face. She knows everything and does this bullshit debates with the entire team to torture viewers.

Adarsh Singh

More powers to you and your team 👌👏

Jahangir Mehta

Just ask them why the representatives of bjp are addressing the first domestic terrorist nathuram godse with the title of JI. Of they are doing it then its fine but if someone mocks them for the same then its terrorism,naxals and what not.

Robinson Singha

Ananya birla...maybe #IndianVersionTheranos
The flow of content as always...

Swapnil Orkey

To, Newslaundry if you want reach more people, you can't do it without use of HINDI.