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Thank you so much. Can you please upload the Video on how to replace the bearings in LG Front Load Washing Machine Model No F1496TDP24.

Anthony DeFlorio

This is the most normal man I've ever seen.


How do you extend this drain hose if the washer is too far from the drain in the wall?

kathy risinger

Does the hot and cold water have to be hooked up for my cabrio washer to work

Kim Foose

I have a washer drainage hose that needs to be secured to the utility tub however, I can't find any videos that show how to do this. Please help!


This guy is dressed up for some pretty serious DIY

Sivasankara Pillai

add how to attend the leakages in the water drain valve GE make.

kathi richland

Half the problem is left out! How does it connect to the wall?