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This was when Whirlpool built QUALITY products across the board. This washer in your video weighs well over 200 lbs. I'll bet .These old belt drives used a lot of steel. Whirlpool and Kenmore are my all time favorite washers whether belt or direct drive.They were among the best in their day!

CWM Youtube

My grandmother has a 1986 Kenmore 70 series belt drive washer that is 30 years old, and it still never needed a repair on it. Those have the vintage quality you don't get in today's machines.

Mary Lawson

Mine is 30 years old doesn't want to do regular cycle but am using delicate cycle. Sometimes I have to help it agitate but tales off. Spins and drains good. Dogs or transmission? Don't want new washer.

Randy Hansen

The cool-down sequence for Whirlpools of that era were low-speed drain for 1 minute and 15 seconds, pause, (at next timer increment) cold water fill, and low agitation when full. The Permanent Press cycle does it twice, and the Knit cycle only once. The Gentle cycle has no cool-down. Also, Permanent Press switches the agitation speed from high to low at the 6-minute increment. The rinse agitation on that cycle is also low speed.


Can't wait for you to make a full length wash-rinse and spin video.

Mikey Carson

Hi jay I like the new 2015 washers but I like the older washers better because if one goes off balance you turn off the machine and open the lid to readjust the clothes and you could easily override the lid switch

Kara Cordell

jaykay18 can you do a video of it washing and spinning please

Mikey Carson

Hi Jay in some old school whirlpool belt drive washers whenever they go into spin cycle when you open the lid while they spin do they turn off or do they just stop the spin cycle?

joe m

I have a speed queen now. The only machine still built like a tank

Mikey Carson

I would like to watch this washer on the whole entire cycle and will it work if you make one item spin on top of the agitator on the old-school whirlpool belt-drive washer?

Michael Douthitt

I remember the old Kenmore washers and dryers from the 70s and early 80s that have the timer dial in the middle of the control panel. Almost like the old Maytags.

Will Butter

I love those era whirlpools . The woo woo sound just means its doing its job and doing it right. That model must be the more expensive model because it has alot of options


I think I really need to see a belt drive in person. I have heard the "click clunk" portion of the spin engage, but not the buzz part, the videos probably don't do them justice.

Though, I think the "click CLUNK" of the direct drive's neutral drain start, followed by the "ruum ruum ruum ruum" of the transmission will always be my favorite!

Marshall H.

Jay, does that Whirlpool by any chance have springs in the tub?

Bob Loom

I want to restore the old standard of quality because it has gone way to far now and days!

Andrew G

Very nice machine. I've seen a similar setup with a Kenmore model, but I have never see this under the Whirlpool name. It seems that there aren't many of the old belt drive washers with the Whirlpool name on them.


Are there still mechanical parts available for these belt drive machines or are you up the creek if something major failed? I have suspected that is how manufacturers are going to force people to move into HE machines by no longer making parts to keep the old ones going. Even simple parts like agitator dogs or motor couplers could go away one day.

The Nickster [NL.515]

There actually are some older belt drives with electronic controls, like the mark II. But the good variety, not blue china leds flashing error codes all over the place, the electronics have a warm red fluorescent glow.

Shari Puckett

Jaykay- Is the motor worn out on this particular washer? What is wrong with it?

Shari Puckett

Hi! This is Shari from Missouri, I love those older 1970's Whirlpool washers and dryers. I live in a residential care facility, but if I ever get to live on my own some day, I would love to own one of these good belt drives from Whirlpool in the color of avocado green. Or even an avocado green center dial Maytag set with the lighted control panels.

Brian Kearsey
Great post! Like TV, the internet goes down the rabbit holes in all directions, from the best and worst humans have to offer with endless obscure tangents in every direction. We just moved into a home in the sticks of upstate NY and were about to do our first load when I sensed we had an old gem (our last appliance repair guy taught us just how higher the quality was in many older models). I am going to see if I can track down its manufacture date using the serial number, LHA7800N1, but it may be in its 52nd… Read more »
John Scott

Looks very similar to an avocado green one we had when I was a very young kid. It had a fluorescent light built in under the control panel.

me ow

Lmao the timer probably uses as much energy as a new washer to complete an entire cycle. But this one won’t die in 5 years

The Nickster [NL.515]

What actually does cause the buzz click clunk anyway? Is it the wig wag shifting the cam bar on the transmission?

Susan Dudak

I have this washer — Whirlpool Imperial 80. Bought it in 1970. Still runs great. The only thing I had to do over the years was put on a new belt. I'm washing a load right now as I type. What a workhorse. People can not believe I have a washer almost 50 yrs old but why replace it when it works. Nice size, lots of features. One of my better buys.

The Nickster [NL.515]

42, 43 years old, and only two parts ever replaced. Man, they really weren't fucking around when this unit rolled off the line.

I think these things weighed 200-250ish.

Amy Thornton

Jaykay18 do you hv an email I can contact you through? I hv this same set in mint condition and wld like to ask you some questions about repairs...


Can you do a full demo of this machine?


I just picked up a Kenmore Belt Drive 80 series washer before. Its a little dirty and rusty but I think it will clean up okay. It unfortunately has a small rust spot on the outer tub so it leaks a bit. I have to repair that but I'll deal with it in the spring. It should be a fun project to work on.

Sean A806

I have a Lady Kenmore Belt Drive portable washer and dryer from the early 80's that are still going strong, but the dryer has a bad power cord. I believe that the Whirlpool/Kenmore portable washers have the "Quiet Pak" transmission, since they don't have much of a woo-woo sound.


The very first Kenmore automatic washer that was released in 1947 was made by Whirlpool...then known as the 1900 Corp. Whirlpool and Sears had a long running partnership since I believe the 1920's. All Sears automatic washers and dryers and wringer washers that Sears sold were exclusively built by Whirlpool up until the last 18 or 19 years or so when they started selling front loaders made by Frigidaire/Electrolux. Now they have several manufacturers making their appliances.


Nice agitator, I made a table lamp for my bedroom out of one