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Robert Przybylowicz
You know something Kirk, I am getting so use to the way my S.Q. TR5 washes and how everything comes out clean with much less lint on things that I don't know if I could go back to this way of washing??? I have the set for 1 year now and have to admit that I was a little leary about buying them, But after using them for a while I noticed that my clothes especially my towels smelled much more cleaner and had a lot less lint on them then when I washed them in my 2017 S.Q. that… Read more »
Matthew Moore

Can do a load deep fill on normal eco... When you have a chance... Thanks

Apple Tomato

Is there any way to do a "rinse only" (rinse & spin) on this machine? I know in the unboxing video you mentioned that perhaps selecting extra rinse and spin in combination could provide this if the machine were set up for that. Very curious to know if that works, as I am really liking what I'm seeing of this washer but want something with a rinse only option. Thank you so much for these videos; they are very helpful and appreciated!

Simone Martini

Speed Queens are good machine but poor agitation with bulky items and list of wear and tear on the clothes as the agitator is agrressive.

Greg Klein
The slower speed on the agitator reminds me of the Soak cycle agitator speed on my 2016 AWN432. I often use that cycle for my quilts and blankets rather than the delicate cycle because the delicate cycle is just TOO delicate with little agitation. Of course I have to watch it when I use SOAK cycle for my blankets. Of course I also have to run a separate rinse cycle. What I like to do is twist the timer knob to the ECO Rinse and let it spin out the water and spray rinse the blankets, then do another SOAK… Read more »
J VON J Archie

All this washine machine needs is the TR3000WN control panel.


I'd like to see the perm press cycle. The cycle matrix says that does a medium agitation so I'm curious what that looks like.

Peter S

Kirk thanks for posting — I would do this on the Heavy cycle


Well done! I remember when you had the video of the moving blanket in the direct drive (Maytag brand), then the 2018 SQ. It didn't turn over AT ALL in that 2018 machine and in the direct drive, it did. In this one, it took just a little time, but eventually it all started turning over.......with a still-indexing tub, and with low speed agitation! Much better wash action for sure!

Gatsby Zelaya

2019 speed queen is on BULKY cycleand on heavy soil 1 moving blanket,deep fill,soap.