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Alphonse Writes

love this. man, 😃 you’re no dork; i’d give anything to be hiking with my girl again, wet dog smell or not. that said, it does me good to see you n Remi hehe those off-leash greets, the steak dinner, waking up and everything else hehe. yup. love-every-moment kinda stuff! so glad you shared — thank you. 🙏🏻
if i had to be critical? hmm it’s that Remi isn’t in the title, but that closing pic almost makes up for it 😊

13prevail Bushcraft

Another great video ! Is that the only camp site at that lake or are they scattered around the whole perimeter?

Gus Small

Any indication that Parks canada are rebuilding the bridge at simon creek?


That spot on the lake seems amazing.🌲😀
2 cups of joe? You guys live large!! 😎

Betsy Barbera

Looks like you're standing in a painting. Just beautiful!

Nick Harland

Great trip Matty! Looked like things worked out perfectly on this hike. I wish I had a dog, and could take him/her out hiking and camping. Great company on the trail. Do you know if they are up-dating the whole Athabasca Pass Trail and campsites? Thanks very much, take care.

Outdoor Serenity

Love the views man. Awesome campsite, benches look cool. Beautiful place to relax and escape. Thanks for sharing man, stay safe and good adventures!

Ebling Outdoors

What a good pup... beautiful man... awesome campsite

Macy Siboni

great place to be, thanks for sharing you are doing great too