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Michael Staat

Great video, quick and to the point! It worked!

Syeda Fatima

I tried step by step instructions but it doesn’t work can you please tell me what might be the issue. The water is holding under the filter and also doesn’t drain from the faucet next to the tap of the kitchen sink.

Sajjad Esmaeilpour

Thank you so much for this helpful video👌

Tamara Kennedy
You have a fancy shmancy dish washer...mines SO old when i tried to look up the owners manual online it said...please refer to the Smithsonian. I subscribed anyways, anyone fixing a dishwasher while wearing a watch like that and not even getting your hands dirty is my kind of repair guru. Your video is short and sweet and even though I'm a chick I have no use for videos that contain alot of useless chit chat...I'm all about the show me and keep it brief and simple you explained THE how to... in the...BEST... most understandable way possible so I'm… Read more »
J Oyler

A tooth brush in the sink to clean your filter

Nathalia Martini

My G that thing works !!! My boyfriend loved

playtime with Charlotte grace

of i could love your video i would thanks

Jim P

Thanks for the tip on how to use the start button to start the drain cycle. That's way better than bailing or siphoning the water out. Thanks!