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Jesse Kramer

He predicted large screened smart phones.


Ian Apple watched this and invented the iPhone


His laugh after hearing the phrase "bare nang" is priceless. love this man

James Pawson

I feel like most of this interview was insulting to the intelligence of everyone in the room.

Mica Two-Spirits

Love Dylan, his sense of humor is so intelligent and dry you might not realize he's making fun of you. Going to use the washing machine of your mind, it's perfect

Somnilo Music

Pisses me off seeing someone with such a great perspective and ability to formulate an educated opinion be so rudely interviewed. Berated by such fucking stupid questions when there is the potential for not only a really funny interview, but an interesting and perhaps really quite a moving one also. Fuck Ross.


I love his barely disguised contempt for nauseating Ross.


Jonathan Ross = lazy content. Dylan is a shining light of beauty.


Holy Crap 2006. I thought his face looked a little less frowny.

Kerry Campion

Johnathan Ross is without a doubt the worst chat show host. A minimum amount of research would have told him Moran lives in Scotland and he just makes ignorant, uninformed comments about people who aren't from England, he does the same with Kevin Bridges. Love how Moran holds his own and makes him look an absolute eejit with his fantastic dry wit.

shantie ganga

I love Black Books <3 Dylan Moran <3...only reason i watch a talkshow with J.Ross.

Daisy Lawn

Really annoys me when hosts have these opportunities to interview amazing individuals but repeatedly talk across them. Dylan makes zero attempts to hide how little he wants to be there haha. He really is bare nang.

Brendan Quinlan

It's a bit of a clash of cultures here

Karen Jenkins

Well you do get everything in one metal lump but thankfully it doesn't require insertion anywhere LOL


While Dylan is on another level, I think Ross does some good prodding during this interview to show what kind of comedian Dylan is.

Matt Goodwin-King

Shame about the audio levels clipping

Chris Griffiths

There's a Copyright Issue Here. Just thought I would mention that.