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I have adjusted my water level so it will fill all the way up. Great video and great machine.


People, seriously...it says right there in the title...OVERLOADED. He was doing this to see how it would handle. Between that and the indexing tub, it wasn’t the best. But I’m sure he doesn’t load them like this usually. Again, he was doing it to show how the machine would handle it. What did you expect? Geez...

shaun kanary

It would help out a lot of the machine would fill up to the brim not to overflowing.

Robert Przybylowicz

I don't understand how anyone can expect great performance from their washer if they overload it like this??? I don't care what make or model machine it is!!! I have the Speed Queen TR5 set and it does an excellent job if you load it right but people don't want to hear that!!! they see the machine overloaded and perform poorly and then put it down!!! Well what do you expect???

Jerome Davis

I hope they bring this back! I love the extra-heavy agitation!

Ross Kulma

Oh crap I was thinking it blew up! I wanted smoke and flames!

Star Child

Water is black! Looks like it is doing okay.

Abraham Ghannam

You were way overstuffed that washer come on man and don’t keep knocking them if you want to get your contract back good luck

Peter H

Great video Eugene.
But definitely overloaded and not enough detergent .

Janel T

I was so surprised to hear you say that the Speed Queen was never the best performing machine...I always thought that they were number 1...is there a machine out there that’s great at performing and reliable at the same time? I was going to purchase the SQ since they brought back one like the old one, but maybe I should get the Maytag Commercial...I’m so confused now. What machine would you recommend? Thank you!! Janel in NJ

Has anyone noticed different amounts of lint in the dryer filters with the TC5000 as opposed to the HE shallow-fill machines. It's not scientific, but I  washed a normal mixed load of jeans, oversize bath towels, socks, underwear, and such, and when I took them out of the (same old) dryer, I found much less lint in the dryer filter than I would have expected from a similar load washed in my old LG machine. There may be many explanations, but the one that came to my mind first was that the wash action might not have abraded as much… Read more »
Web Surfin

Is there a way to tighten-up the brake so the stainless-steel tub will not index?

Florida Railfankid

You should put the tide pods in first then the load

Lets hear these words

My question is how many towels can it hold to wash?


Eh, I still prefer the TR Speed Queens. But it’s nice they brought back the old design for anyone who truly wants old school.

Abraham Ghannam

By Eugene making these Videos he did not hurt the company in fact he helped put the company back on top again good job Eugene


Could you do a comparison with the latest Maytag Commercial and give us your opinion on which one is better?

Rodney Wayne

Did okay, but once the tub indexing eventually stops, it will turn over much better. I request a re-do of this video when this washer is broken in, to see how it compares.


I don’t see this machine on the Speed Queens website. Maybe they are still trying to get rid of the remainder of those horrible 2018 models?

Everythang Texas

Agitation: Average
Rollover: Horrible
Spin RPM's: Excellent
Conclusion: Dual Action Agitator


Finally made my mind up and bought the Speed Queen washer and dryer set. 🙂


I'm having trouble understanding the whole point of a one-way index tub. Could someone explain?

Nähwichtel Nähen

thats why you need to get a european toploader or a frontloader instead.

Kathy Nenadovich

I'm confused...is SQ realizing that no one wants the 'new and improved' washing machine that's crap and going back to the good SQ????

Michael Moore

Im buying as soon as I can get Holt of one. Thanks for the vids

consuelamister lemon pledge

Why am I watching this? Why did this gem get into my recommended

Web Surfin

Loraine... is Speed Queen going to APOLOGIZE to you for penalizing you for rightfully calling them out on their 2018 redesigned washing-machine debacle... & let you start selling the TC5 SQ washer?!

Chris Michaels

Word was that the Maytag MVWP575GW is better than the 2018 Speed Queen. So is there something different about the 2010 Speed Queen that redeems it from the 2018 model’s shortcomings?


The Maytag would have tore right through this load, it has better turn over with the DA agitator. You should do a comparison. 😀

Cesar Blanco

If Speed Queen isn't the best in cleaning performance, then what is?

Mike Bennett

Let's give credit to where credit Is due...The machine still managed to turn the load over...Not bad at all. This is an excellent machine and whoever is fortunate enough to own one will certainly get their money's worth!

Christopher Toft

I like to see the Kenmore Eco Care System, like ‘Frigidaire Gallery’ Front-load washing machine.

Davey Jones

Not good tool over at all. My Samsung does a better job when its over loaded. Why does the bowl turn while it's washing?