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Ellis Ingram

Thanks for the video.

Belt had popped off the pulley and idle pulley and this video helped me fix it. 🙂


Thank you very much for this video. Took the guesswork out of opening my dryer. Much appreciated!

Joanne H

Those clips can be really stubborn, I did get them. V


One tip. If you are threading the belt through the idler pulley and it keeps popping out, try some duct tape at the pulley base to hold it down.

Kent Hodson

Just what I needed to get the top and front off — and then I could figure out the rest. Made $2.74 on the change I found in the bottom.

William Smyth

Only watched up to 1:52. Which was everything I needed to know. Thanks

F. Angel Quintanilla

Excellent video on taking dryer apart. Got me going and helped me replace the ignition I’m my gas dryer.

Lex Conor

We newbies need exactly this! I thought I had to take apart the whole control board assy just to get at the drum, and it's designed to just flip out of the way. Screw sizes very helpful. THanks!

Scott Fossil

Thanks. I just checked, cleaned and oiled the inside following these directions. Hopefully that takes care of the squeaks.

mark langel

Helpful video thank you , and a good laugh at this guys hair


Thanks for sharing, but you really don't need that putty knife. After removing screws from lint filter, just pull the top forward to release from clips, and lift!

Tom Johnson

I have to agree with Rawbert125. This is by far the best of the three viedos I watched, for the same reasons that he mentioned.

rick cunningham

Replaced my broken belt. Thank you so much. easy to understand and I DID IT!


My dryer belt broke this morning. I have been awake for 35 hours.
So, that video will be a good help. :).

andrew rausch

great video step by step on how to do it correctly helped me save 300 bucks thought the dryer died nope just the belt


I have a Kenmore Elite Dryer (touch pad) #1107005990. I would like to know what type of lid clips are used on this dryer?

Joe Zacharias

This was an awesome educational video. Thanks to you, was able to fix my brothers dryer, that had a broken belt instead of having to pay someone or even more having to buy a new one.

John G

Our Whirlpool dryer stopped working. Drum would not turn, but it made noise. Could not figure out how to take the dryer apart. Started at the back, but could not see the drum. Tried toopen the top, but it would not open. Never saw the two screws in the lint compartment. So I watched this video, and all is good now. Replaced my broken belt, and dryer works again. Thanks AppliancePartsPros.

Jeremy C

Now he needs a video on how to repair his hairdryer...

ja c court

Wish folks did this with the new dryers not these old ones


Mystery solve We know how you dry your hair now 😂😂

Scott G

Should the upper roller wheel have a bit of play or did I lose a spacer?

Christine Myers

Thank you!! This worked perfectly! Wonderful tutorial!!!

Kagetsu Junkrat

I just wanted to say, this video and the presenter is so professional. Thank you for making this, you saved me money I hope I can return the favor someday.

Rick Hirsch

Terrific. Ditto @Rawberto125 's comment below. Thank you, sir!

Amy Billmeyer

HELLO, do you have a video showing the venting, duct, fan access etc? I see lots of responses here kind of needing that info? For instance, I want to clean all of the lint and debris in my fan, or something fell into that top lint shoot and we just need to only access that compartment and duct area. I just bought an older dryer like the one in the video and I need to get into just the lint area, the duct or whatever and the fan area. Any help would be great!!!! Thanks!!

Stephanie Kurniawan

This video was extremely helpful when I needed to disassemble a dryer to free a stuck squirrel. Very clear and helpful.

The Tae Kwon Doe

Thank God for Youtube fix-its. Saved so much money doing things on my car and our dryer. My husband and I worked as a team on this one and now i won't hear him whining about how loud and squeaky it is. 🙂


Thanks. The clips would have defeated me without this video