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Syed Rahman

Sir ek split ac hai standing me 120 psi hai lekin running me 20 psi hi hai aur running me gas dalne par bhi gas nahi chad raha hai kya problem hai pls reply thanks.

Mohammed Muzakir

Nitrogen me flushing hota he presser me nahi

Viral videos a to z

I think thinner is very explosive liquid we should use r11 for flushing.

shashidhar patil

Y not using nitrogen is the best for flushing

Singhsingh Singh

thiner to nahi rah jata candencer me

Rehan Girkar

Video tu sahi h laikin sahi trike sai nhi btai

Edgar J

So this is what you called budgeted Air-conditioning repair huh! 🤔🤔🤔
CTC is already phase out, there are heaps of flushing agent you can use check your local HVAC store and for the record use nitrogen. 😤😤😤

Mark Pasieka

Do the title in the gibberish language you narrated

gbalaji guruswamybalaji

This is not good use R141 gas with nitrogen.

Venkat Galfar
Hi all. 1. Using thinner is dangerous. Highly inflammable. Better alternative to be used. R-11 is not environmentally friendly. Highly damaging. 2. The thinner canister doesnt have pressure relief valve. In case the capillary is blocked, raising pressure in the canister with thinner. Not a safe one if it blasts.3. Use of air under pressure! A big no to such pressurisation. Use of Nitrogen with regulated supply is safer. Being an inert gas, fire accidents can be averted.4. Does the thinner evaporate fully without leaving any residue? Internal condensation may happen when air is pumped as the thinner evaporates and… Read more »
Soma Electricals

Flushing Canister Buy Link in Video Description

Tariq Afzal

Bahi ap ki sans Q phuli hoi ha itni to outer fitting par bi ni ata

Anas Hussain

bhi na petrol say saf kartea hea na thinner say

Anas Hussain

dogi bohat peyara hea mujea yea bat ache lagi k ap janwaro ko payar kartea ho mare tarha

Anas Hussain

bhi yea bateo jab ap brazing karo gay to chamber phat nahi jaea ga agar miner bhi thinner ander rah gayya to

Anas Hussain

bhi R 22 par itna ganda kab ho ta hea condencer

Prabal Mitra
Sir, your video is awfully helpful. I would like to make some points. 1 As soon as the thinner came out during the first flush you should have stopped the compressor and started after say 10 or 15 minutes because this stopping would give the thinner time to dissolve more dirt and thereby saved some thinner. 2 You have fixed a gauge on the canister but we could never see the pressure at which the thinner was being pumped into the condenser, at least you could have just mentioned it. 3 I wonder why you changed the entire 2 service… Read more »
Arshad Khan

Agar ac 410 no gas ki ho gi to bhi coli ko thinar se flas kar sakte hi na sir

Indian tecno

Good bhai ham log bhi saudi me petrol se flash karte the jaisa app bole thiner pura bhar ana chahiye aur Dhoop me thodi der dry karna h thnx

Danish Quraishi

Can we do this process for cleaning water inside the system