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Magaly Arteaga

Do you know the name of the cables that go attached to the kid switch? Mine broke. Thank you


very helpful vedeo on lid switch replacement would never got it done on my own

Scott Oh

Hi Adam, thanks for the very helpful video. I've had the same problem where the lid switch connector fried onto the lid switch. Can you share how to replace the connector?? I'd appreciate any feedback, suggestion or help. Thank you.

Tom Vo

Thanks for the video- I didn't see how you took out the clip on the left side with method one... I tried method 2 but the cover is too tight for me to slide in the spatula

Andrea Cooper

You're wonderful! Thank you so much! We're halfway there (waiting on parts), thanks to your instructions!

Mary Katherine Bates

Did you ever determine which part is the connector piece? I am needing to order the connecting piece but can't figure out which one is it between two parts.

Tricia Richardson
Thanks so much for the video. I have an Estate machine but since it's made by Maytag this was the perfect video. I used method 2 to open the panel with a metal pancake flipper which worked like a dream and my clips were a bit different, they were smaller and locked in place. It was a breeze the only problem was the screw for the ground I had a really hard time loosening it, but it finally budged and replacement was great. I did forget to lift the lid but when I couldn't get the old one out then… Read more »
JB Chambers

Hey AdamDIY — i have no idea why anyone would give you a thumbs down — ya nailed it — thank you so much — i fixed the washer for less than 30 bucks! who needs a repairman when ya got AdamDIY. Thank you good sir — hope you're as nice as you are helpful. *ten thumbs up*

Carol Reid

Great video. Not same as mine, but interesting to watch. The engineering/design has changed quite a bit, and makes it even more sense to keep my old washing machine! Glad my old washer has screws instead of those clips! Yikes!

Eric Niemietz

Your video was great exactly the information I was looking for could not figure out how to get to the switch. Great job. Merry Christmas!!!


Thanks for the video Adam those stubborn clips took more time than the rest of the repair!


Thank you for this video and link. Washer stopped working last weekend and found your video after some research. We ordered the part you linked for $9, it arrived yesterday (even with the free shipping that said tomorrow would be when we should start to expect it to show up), and thanks to your clear instructions, our washer is once again running. Thank you for sparing us the cost of a service call or a new washer.


My connector was also "FRIED". Were you able to obtain a part number for it?

Michael Shaw
After taking mine apart and before I order a new switch I discovered that the switch was working fine. It was the springiness of the clip that held the switch in place. The clip part wasn't holding the switch tight enough. The whole thing was sliding up where the lever from the lid couldn't apply enough pressure. I fixed it by wedging a piece if wood into the clip hole to apply enough pressure to hold it from sliding. I also managed to slip a wire tie through two nearby holes over the wedge to hold it in place. So… Read more »
Sby Baby

is the name and part number of the black connector that is burned from inside (not the lid switch end)?


Mine clicks, but still didn't work.  If it doesn't click, there could be a mechanical problem with the switch.  But, there could be a corroded connection or a broken connection or wire, etc.  In those cases, it will click but still not work.


Great video. Thanks!! After breaking my head for a few minutes on how to remove the cover, I ran across this video. I immediately thought that the switch was bad, so I took it apart and tested it for sound. It was clicking, so I knew it was not the switch. I put everything back together and looked at the 2 screws that hold the lid/engage the switch. It turns out they were a bit loose so I gave them a snug and we are back on and running. Thanks again!


I could NOT figure out how to remove the console, to get to the faulty switch. This video saved me. The spatula trick worked great! Thanks!

Kevin Anderson

Thanks so much. The spatula did wonders on our Kenmore. I was able to use the spatula again when reinstalling the control panel. I put the clips in up top and then lowered it back down and used the spatula to push in the clips just enough to catch. I may have gotten lucky, but the clips stayed attached to the top part during removal as well. Fingers crossed the new lid switch holds up!


Thank you so much for this video, you bailed us out. I used
the spatula way and it worked out fine. On a note, I found you don’t even have
to removed or try and replace those half moon clips. Use the spatula, then when
reassembling just line everything up and push down, now mind you I’d would have
bloody knuckles and would have already spewed every swear word if I didn’t have
your video. Thank you again

Geri Lehnardt

thanks bud. helpful. especially telling us the spatula method could dump the clips into the machine.


Of course, instead of installing yet another junky cheap switch, the wires can be crossed and the machine run without the switch, avoiding another replacement.  I'm really tired of these cheap junky appliances, it's senseless.


Thanks so much! Was able to fix my Washer in about 30 min after watching this! Finally I get what I need with the first link I clicked.

Joni McCarthy

Thank you. Bought the part you indicated. Followed all your steps. Washer working great again. $25 all in all.

Jasmine Rose

Just bought this exact same washer used yesterday. It has the same problem! Thanks!


Great vid bro, fix mine in less than 5min.👍


Sorry, but I'm glad to see that some one else has trouble with those electrical connectors!