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Robert Anderson

Good afternoon, how are you? please make a video on a circuit board with multiple zone thermostat, how does it work? how to troubleshooting it. have a great day


My dryer didn't have a spacer. I was careful when I removed the coil, I don't think I lost it. Is that a problem?

Gary Lespron

Awesome, good to know thanks for the vid post

Word of Advice TV Creator 👍

Mike H

Excellent as usual Jay. The one time I did this I tested for resistance and both coils tested ok. Then with the meter still hooked up I hit each with a hair dryer and watched the one fail OL. Learned in comment section of some video on testing gas valve coils.

Johannes Brahms

Yet another repair video about something I didn't even know existed. I guess the orange gloves were to prevent you from being cut on the edges of the metal cabinet. And it was good to see you switch from furnaces and air conditioners for a change.

You can see that the coils are differently arranged, redundancy and safety are designed in so it fails safe. See below:Two gas valves are arranged in series within a single housing so that if all solenoid coils are de-energized and one valve is not seated properly and leaking gas, the second valve will not release that gas from the assembly. The first internal valve uses two separate solenoid coils; a 'holding coil' and a 'booster coil'. Both coils must be energized to open the valve but only the holding coil needs to be energized to hold it open once there.… Read more »

Great "Advice" Jay ... Big Brother's listening too ... Lol ...

Madara Uchiha

Thats a good video... here in texas we have a lot of gas dryers and also electric ... god bless you...


Now I’m laughing 😂

Believe it or not, I still have a late 70s General Electric electric dryer, and it works fine. I had to replace the belt a
couple times...I can’t run it on high heat
because it gets so hot, I’m afraid it will
ignite the clothes...