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Will M

minute and half for him to replace hose, two hours for me


Thanks, Ron, for showing me how to do this! It is much less intimidating now!

Ron Hazelton

I would replace the hoses when I replace the washing machine. The drain hose is not under pressure like the water supply hoses and is not likely to pose the same kind of flooding problem.

Ron Hazelton

Yes, unless you turn off the water supply at the valve after each use, the supply hoses are under constant pressure even though the washer is not in use. If they fail and the problem goes undetected, it's the same as having a garden hose running inside the house; it will continue until someone discovers the problem and shuts the water off. There are automatic shutoff valves available, in particular, one from Floodstop. The reviews are mostly positive, but mixed. I have not tested the unit.

Kris N

My current washing machine has plastic handles that are not made to turn on and off. I have been to Home Depot and Lowes, and the plumbing people have told me that this is typical now. How in the world do I change my hoses if I cannot turn the water off? I'm so confused.

David Crandall

But what he neglected to say is you have to be careful to route the hot water hose to the hot water inlet on the washing machine and the cold water hose to the cold water inlet. These inlets are marked with a 'C' and 'H'.

Juan Carlos Arrona

Looks to easy the way you turn off the water supply valves. hmmm. However, I tried to turn them off to do repair on the washer because is not spining nor draining. The left will turn. However the right one won't turn. I put some elbow grease. After wrestlingwith it for some time I decided to use a pair of pliers. Still would not turn and ended up I believe ruining the damn thing. Now I see water leaking. I have never messed with them before. Their visual appearance looked perfect just like those


He said at 1:06 to reverse the process! If you reverse what you did then you will have no problems with hot/cold.

Jodi Emery

I understand how to change the hoses but I can't get the hoses off. What can I use to remove the hoses. The connections are so tight I can't turn them.

Ron Hazelton

Hi Jodi, I would recommend using some lubricant and a pair of pliers.


Thank you for this video! My parents were asleep, and I had no idea how to turn off the water when I found the hose leaking! (Boy that sucker was hard to turn, but I got it done! No more leak! ^_^)

Mike Morales

It just happened to me, I was lucky to have been home and noticed it before my downstairs neighbor got flooded. It was the cold water hose that failed where the hose goes into the water source, I replaced both just in case. BTW it's wise to clean out the intake and the other end as well and remove all the calcium deposits

Annie Love

Yay, Ron!  Such great directions that I did this myself!!

Richard Fossani

Hi, my wash machine hoses are recessed and I can't get them off using regular channel locks. Is there a special tool for this? It doesn't look easy to take the whole panel off, and I would hope they wouldn't design a machine where you would have to take the panel off just to change hoses. Ty


Hi Ron. Listen I want to change mine out. One is very rusty and I'm afraid I could damage the valve. Here's a picture.

adi hinojosa

HI Ron, as I am screwing my hoses to the washmachine, is it normal for the plastic part on the machine where the hose screw on to, turns also? can this cause a leak?


Let me understand this: does he mean the hoses could burst while the machine is running, or at any time? There is no water in the hoses when the machine is off, correct? If there is water in the hoses all the time, then why not just shut the valves off if you're not going to be home? I never leave the washing machine on if I'm not at home.

Quest Physics

Thank you. The repair guy wanted 140 to do it! Your awesome!

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Weslo Purefun

Should I use teflon tape when connecting my new washing machine hoses is it necessary ?