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Tammy Bowen

Does clean water come out of the Dishwasher Red button area if ya need while using machine?

Tammy Bowen

What are the measurements of Your dishwasher? 18 inch wide?

Deni Endicott

can just cold water be used , right from an outside faucet


When using a portable dishwasher you do not turn on the cold water. Disjwashers use hot water only.

Shayla Lee

Thank you so much for this. Im using the dishwasher in my new home for the first time and I got sprayed in the face 4 times because I didn’t know I had to pull that little bit on the hookup down 😂 this saved me

Rick Sandoval

Purchased the GE dishwasher, new with take still sealing everything. $210. My girlfriend was lucky to have found this. Just installed. FINALLY. I mentally gave up a week ago. I couldn't wash another dish. Piled up to the max. I should have given up a long time ago.

Lynda Kirkness

Don't turn the cold water tap on . Just the hot water tap

Ky Fisher

i could wash all of those before you plug it in

Vinnie Babauta

Whats the name of this dishwasher? Dbroth?

Eric Worral

Here's a list of portable dishwashers on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2zs5Yjc

They vary from smaller ones that will fit on your counter to larger ones like the one shown in the video.

I appreciate you watching my video and using the amazon affiliate link to make any purchases.

Doris Dady

Thank you so much for show me that , I just got a new portable dishwasher

stephanie harding

silly question but i just got the same mashine that u show in video and some one told me to do a run without sdishes is this true do i need to do the first run opn a empty mashine

Carlos Porta

thx for the video, but the connector shown in 1:04 seems to be non standard, at least here in Europe. Any idea how to find it somehow to order it online? Thx

Stacy Valentin

Might you know why under my sink is leaking water when the dishwasher is on? And while the dishwasher is on is it ok that water drips from the faucet?

B. Berya

Sir, you just saved me 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👌🏾👌🏾😊!

janay hall

thank you for making this video for dumbasses like me!
my bf keeps telling me i can get one since id rather starve than have to wash dishes but i thought it would be too complicated . thanks!