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So many fking hacks out there
Look at this shitshow?
It’s so easy to go out the wall right where the dryer is.
I would have went through that back wall then took a right turn to the outside wall that way the Dyer wouldn’t have to be a foot away from the wall in that little room.

Rodolphe St. Preux

Good video, straight to the point. I wonder why he didnt try to avoid the stud?
i would of tried to avoid the stud on the corner of the wall if it was me. I would of also used the flexible pipe to be able to move the dryer around if needed.


Up in the north we use the condenser dryer to keep the heat in the house (in winter). Still a good fit so you dont have to put in a vent, but not good if its working against your AC for cold. We usually hang our laundry outside in the summer if not need to tumble (or door open). Not southern states compatible i guess. 🙂

yea had a new furnace put in my parents parent again the first one was instill wrong from the start they put the vent pipe right when you walk into the basement this time they are renting the furnace and did come with AC funny the people have put in a complete to thee town it going to be to loud on their dog ears we had always put up Christmas lights when they buy the house they house does not get lights on it re[laced the deck the completed about that too when i was build it but they… Read more »

You did not use the proper vent for vinyl siding. Vinyl siding expands and contracts and screwing directly into it prevents this movement which leads to rippling and buckling over time. This is a common mistake made by contractors. Use a "mount master" vent that slides in behind the siding and fastens directly to the outside plywood or osb.

Brian Strang

Why was that room twenty feet deep and three feet wide.


another man has to come in and show you how to change a dryer duct-work? sad!!


whats best way to determine if there are wires (or something similar) when cutting through a wall like that?

Alyn Romero

If your so concerned about lint getting caught in the elbow maybe you should lesrn how to properly roll your elbows. If there’s anything that I’ve learned through my sheet metal career is to try to eliminate as many 90 degree elbows. You could’ve just used the flexible high heat resistant duct for the drier and the pipe connection. Ps, don’t forget to insulate the pipe and apply weather caulking for the louver.

monte gb

Wow, what a poor video from This Old House. Chopped right through a stud on a load bearing wall. Got into the next one too. Typical plumber. Leave the cutting tools to Tom in the future.

Marush Denchev

American houses are like cheese. Try to make that vent in Europe and you would be cutting through bricks and concrete the entire day.

Joe Stacks

you know they ran the dryer to get lint on that filter at the end.

Lorenzo Reyes

That guy is useless... easy job and he couldn't figure it out by himself?

Aaron Bays

Very important to keep the vent cleaned out. I snaked my dryer vent out a few months ago and replaced the busted exterior cover, I'm lucky that I didn't start a fire there was so much lint in there. Also that guy was lucky that he could vent it straight outside, that his laundry was on an exterior wall. My house its a really long 20' run.

Jackson Brown

Glad they sealed all connections with foil tape. Most people forget that any leak is a leak. Especially the vent from the water heater.

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Patrick Angle

I just bought an old home, and in the "utility" room, the dryer only has about 2.5/3 inches of clearance from the back of the wall, for the door to shut. ALSO, the exhaust hole is in the floor...underneath the dryer. Would the best thing be to build a platform, then do a 90 degree/tight fit vent extension?

Nick Huber

Who the hell doesn't clean out the dryer lint trap every time they use it?

Mark Fowler

I thought I was the only one who had houses with weird stuff like that. I feel better.

John Jin

Answer for almost every problem I have met. Great help

Convo King

When drilling how can they be sure they arent gonna hit a pipe or wire?