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Randy Elam

Great job on video! Left ink pen in pants pocket and it got stuck under the agitated. It was throwing ink out on laundry. Be watching the video I was able to remove agitator easily and remove the ink cartridge. Thank you so very much. Randy from Tennessee

Dave Bashford

This video should have gotten an Academy Award for camera work — not! The video was helpful, but would have been much more so with on-screen visuals.

K Lee

Is that 7/16 bolt holding down the agitator a left hand thread?


You removed the dispenser wrong you turn it and pull

Mallory Blaizis

Thanks so much for the video, two women, one butter knife and a prayer later, we had saved a blouse had wet laundry wringing out again! Finding something to use as a tool was the hardest part. Thought the washer had died, it lives!


Don't discard the old one give it to me because I am a collector of agitators if you can do that cool!!!!


Never mind don't use a flathead screwdriver just turn it then pull


U don't need a flat head screwdriver turn the whole thing and pull it ok much faster and easier


How much it cost me the whole assembly parts?


Where i can buy some parts here in vancouver area?


I have a question. We have Kenmore 700 model, but with no agitator: is it possible to install the agitator for this model? If it is, then what kind of agitator will fit this model?