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In your life you must must must must go to Cornwall. Get a beautiful place to stay and spend a month looking around Cornwall. It's stunning

joanne pavlik

Are there good deals on the irish wool sweaters?

ann leathley

If you see a Home Bargains on your travels, you can buy witch hazel for £1.49. I use it as a facial toner.

Lila Lavendel

Hi to my favourite family on you tube from germany from Sabrina.

Lucy J
You can save energy by switching off plugs and in England we are encouraged to turn appliances off if they are not in use. It is also an extra safety measure, for example if there was a fire in your home one would hope that the fire isn't exacerbated by their being sockets with electricity going to them. (This could be a myth, but it's what most people believe) If the socket is switched off there is no electricity there. Also where there are small children that can reach up and touch dangerous appliances it's useful that the appliance can… Read more »

I lost a ski cap in Wicklow. It was so windy. lol Ireland was so beautiful even in November. Wish I'd had more time. I would have love to go to Dingle but didn't have the time.

Lucy J

You guys don't have switches on your plugs? That's blown my mind! And did nobody warn you about London traffic?! It can take hours and hours to get out of London itself in a car. That's why the majority use public transport, trains. It's never really advised to drive into London, the parking would be extortionate if you did.

Lucy J
I think people drive a little fast along these narrow rural roads because there's never usually much of a police presence/cameras/road signs or markings so people are a little more free to drive a bit faster. The people that do are usually the more confident people that drive those kinds of roads often. Usually people that haven't will drive alot more slowly and cautiously. Drivers should usually stop to let the oncoming traffic come by on the very narrow roads but not everyone is that courteous sadly. Also please don't use the word 'dogging' over this way as it means… Read more »
white dove

Loved the update! sounds like you have had an eye opening trip! congrats to Dave on his job! stay well and safe travels!


I thought that they had washer/dryer combined into one unit

nigel Mc Hugh

Yes, Its wrong to bring a 220 volt toaster and kettle home (and try to get them to work on 110 volt supply) 😀

Kathy Courington

When you get home you will need a vacation from your vacation...LOL traveling always wears me out even though I enjoy it. that is just here in our own country... So much I still want to see in our country.

Donna Hinds

Bad plan to try a different diet on vacation. Thank you for sharing your trip experiences

Ditching The Grind 3

Mike, did you go to any pubs in Ireland? That is where one hears Irish music, songs, and Irish stories/history! You really get a feel for the culture and the Irish people. Its something I plan to do when we travel to Ireland. 😀❤👍🙏☘☘☘🐕

Carol Curley

How long are you in London before you go home.

Carol Curley

Ireland became more expensive than England once they changed to the Euro.

James N Brenda
Do y’all like to read books? That is a dream to have proper English tea sitting reading a good book. I was diagnosed with a lot of allergies! One is Tea!!😩I am doing a ton of research, I think the one thing I am going to try to find spearmint, rose hip, and (I forget the third leaf) loose leaves and making my own?!?! I have to mentally prepare myself when I am going into unknown cities etc with my nerves! Bless you! I hope y’all truly enjoy this next month! I must say I am jealous as I have… Read more »
Guru Sandirasegaram

Don’t miss it green beer you know Irish ST Patrick parade do celebrate where ever Irish ☘️ people live. I never visited.

Bonny Roggenbauer

I hate round abouts! The town where all the main shopping is about 20 minutes away and I dread going through them.

Diann Thomas

I'm curious how the salaries in these countries compare with US salaries for similar jobs.

I'm really enjoying your videos!

Cat Lover

LOL! I'm watching this while cleaning. I heard you say, "BJ woke up at 2am and was howling and ripping stuff up". LOL!!

Sandra Sealy

Hi guys...missing you guys...looks like you are having some fun 😄😄😄

Cheryl Davis

I have always wanted to visit there. I hope you feel better sweety!! Love y'all!!!


Just a tip, South west Ireland is very "touristy" and therefore more expensive. Look at Donegal, Sligo, Mayo. Its got stunning scenery, lots of outdoors activities and the prices are generally much more reasonable (go in summer if you want good weather, and plan ahead for the festivals and events) The roads are crap in the west of Ireland, we know. were working on it but we've a long way to go as the government seems to think the country ends about 20miles outside the M50.


It’s pronounced leedle. In German the I’s are pronounced like long e’s and the e’s are pronounced like long i’s. Aldi is aldee and lidl is pronounced leedle

Gillian Rimmer

The on/off switches on our electricity outlets is a safety feature. Our voltage is twice that of the US ( 240v everywhere, compared to 120v on most socket outlets in USA) It's more likely to kill you if you get a shock — so we turn the power off before putting plugs in and out.

clothy cloth

I think the expensive things you are referring to must be because you are in a tourist area? I get witch hazel in boots its really cheap & just yesterday I got 2 large tins of pringles for €3. The small tins were €2.50 each though! You can get vacuum sealed hot dogs too btw they are usually in the fridge.

Katie Martell

My great grandparents {paternal) are from Thurles, Tipperary, Ireland, emigrated To U.S. in 1848 during potato famine. Round abouts in England are killer... I went in 1983 and I want to take my husband there in a couple of years. And, if you can, do go visit the Blarney Stone. And, lakes of Killarney.

wendy townsley

I really miss ya'll !! happy you are having a good time though

Suzie T

The voltage in the uk is double that of the US so I believe the on/off switches on plug points are generally for safety. I’ve blown a hairdryer from the US by plugging it in an English socket! I love hearing your views though, after living in the US for 15 years I find the driving so hard too when I go back. The parking spaces at supermarkets are also tiny!!! Enjoy the rest of your time in Ireland. X

Patti Shelton

So, did y’all do some kind of package deal for this trip that includes everything? Seems like good idea, not to have to find somewhere to spend the night and stuff like that. I’ve never traveled abroad but, would like to I think.

Sandra Sealy

Go for it Tawra...your on vacation 💯💯💯💯

Inez Doerter

Would it be unreasonable and expensive to consider coming home early? For your health?

Joann Vannek

When visiting my family in Hungary, they get mad if the think someone will eat their share of blood pudding. Yikes, gave mine away, I think they are vampires. Ha ha

Linda Robinson

Hello from Dublin and cead mile failte to you both. I',m from Dublin and be visiting Killarney in Selptember. No one says too of the morning here that's Hollywood crap lol.it can expensive here but ask locals and avoid eating drinking in big tourist areas. Now I wud love to visit Colorado I heard that pricey too for a vacation. Anyway enjoy urselves and have the craic as we say in Ireland xxxx

Mountain Aponi

yeah, I was there last december, yes the driving is a bit difficult, but overall its worth the trip, Ireland is very beautiful and green. I will be back one more time. Love Irish too.

Julia Perry

For the Weary Traveler: Psalm 121. God bless.

Caroline Coffey

Hi we have my husband ancestral home in Killorglin! And we also live in Yorkshire U.K. co Kerry is beautiful I love this place are you just visiting? We want to move permanently there in next couple of years enjoy! Xx

Elainney Diaz

Please remember to try the Irish complete breakfast. Ask for the porridge with the fresh cream and whiskey. I visited Ireland 2 weeks ago beautiful country.

Maria Olker

Only this family would get a job on vacation. Congratulations Dave!


Awesome video. Thanks for telling us about your trip and what you like and don't like and how things are. Thanks so much!!


Hello from Dublin. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. It's wasn't soccer that had everyone excited. I'm pretty sure it was GAA. Looks like a mix between soccer and handball and has a rugby type goal.