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You found my missing socks! I'm glad I kept the mates.

Glitter Pig

Never call the store. Call the manufacturer. Did you ever find out why it was leaking?

Manny's How To Workshop

Hey dude, next time maybe you should pick up a cheap hand syphon pump to keep in your truck or trailer just in-case you run into situations like this. lol

Rob Stephens

I'd take an "old school" washer with a mechanical timer any day over these new overly complex machines. Why make something complex when there is no reason to?

Tony Reyna

Just ran into the exact same problem. Rubber drain boot had a pinhole in it. Once pressurized, the hole got bigger. Replaced the boot for $30, and fixed the leak.


Speed Queen used to be the American Standard of excellence, pre 2017 models that is. They was beasts.

The Woodshop

Good ole slowes customer service can't beat em

James Crinnion

Woe! Reality check- The Handyman has bad days too? As a long time fan of your channel, I was starting to think you had superpowers. I sympathize, yet somehow I now feel a smidge better about a few of my own similar foibles in handyman land.

Thomas H H

I hope lowes corporate sees this. It is typical. !


Stepping over dollars to pick up dimes🤦‍♂️

Bill Wockenfuss
Wife and I bought a brand new LG dryer from Lowe’s for the last house 2 years ago to the tune of about $850ish because it was recommend...Thing started rattling like screws or coins were loose. Then it started walking across the floor even though I leveled it perfectly after the installers left. Turns out the dryer drum is made out of a concrete drum. It was cracking due to the vibrations I found out later. I took that thing apart 4 different times and couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it. Wife called a repair specialist and he… Read more »
Francesco M

These machines are cr*ap. No idea why in the US top loaders are popular.

Edgar Bravo

What's shit show.
I worked Sears and Lowe's appliance install.
This stuff happens all the time on discount machines, never buy them.
Better to go to a used appliance store that have Mexicans working there, they do fix them.👍


Hey Handyman how you doing? I'am back watching another one of your video's and YA, YOU GET ANOTHER LIKE, LOL! your worth it! Ah, we got Poly is on here this video's, it's great!


With it pulled off... it will leak from rear right side when about halfway full... you're lucky... usually it will fill nonstop. Or possible cracked tub.

Mike Kloack

I’m sorry to see your dog not in a harness — I notice you wear a seatbelt but deny your dog the same protection. SMH.

Hey handyman get the battery operated liquid transfer pump from Harbor Freight Yes Ye Old Harbor Freight item # 63847 or 64124 goes for $ 7.99, uses 2 D batteries and says it pumps 5-6 quarts of fluid per minute it works like a champ with good batteries. I saw a youtube video from Pure Living for Life "check them out" and he used a similar pump to gas his generator but I found a similar one at Freight. I've used it to drain standing water out of a washer with a bad pump right to the drain with additional… Read more »
Dan R

I bought a washer from Lowe's that they said works with busted glass. Before they delivered it, they tried it again and guess what, it wouldn't do anything. The store manager called and told us about it and asked if they could just give us a brand new one for the same price we were getting the other one for. Something like $500 for a regular price of $900.
We got a good deal and they didn't have to deliver it twice.

Matt K
We have this machine or a similar model and it shut off due to vibration once mid cycle and I needed to finish the spin drying and couldnt for the life of me figure out how to do spin only. I resorted to the manual and to get a spin only and only finish the end of the cycle you need to hit the power button then hold the spin button for 3 seconds then select spin level then hold the start button to start. Rotating the dial before you hold the spin button will stop you from being able… Read more »
Victor Figueroa

Read read read read read. Manuals are made for a reason. In your case, it seems as so there was some negligence from both Lowe’s employment but you missed a lot of red flags trying to save some money. I’m sure you bought it for your client and this is your biusiness, you are a handy man. You should of read that manual and if you didn’t get one, it is your responsibility to request one. You and Lowe’s are liable to make right with the homeowner.

Russ Wollet

And this is why I'm buying general liability insurance in my second year.


Why wouldn’t you read the manual prior to operating it?

Joseph Lupo

I worked in appliances at Lowe’s about 8 years ago. At that time about 75% of the “repaired” appliances were not fixed at all. It seemed like such a liability to me, but the repair process was never improved. Sorry you had to deal with this.

Most Likely We Do It Services

Why is it you blur the outside while you're driving down the rd?

Benjamin Schlichter

They went from an Amana to an LG... Really?

Chris Bling

why did you not just not turn off the water while you messed with it? why you dont have a shopvac in your trailer...........

Shaun Gutierrez

Here's what you do brother in that situation (lessons learned):

(If you cannot access spin only)...Get a wet/dry vac. Then remove the washers drain hose from the wall drain. Connect the wet/dry vac up against the washer's drain hose...turn on the wet/dry vac and it should suck all the water that would go via the drain pump and out the drain hose. Just a tip 😉...

Knut Blaise

Just had to move a really large object through a doorway. Removing the door would have made the task so much easier.

Rick LeRoy

I love how you have water leaking through a live light fixture. Probably not the best idea.

Not a washing machine, but just replaced our dishwasher.  The delivery box looked fine, no sign of damage.  While installing, I noticed one of the washer's front feet was a little bent inward.  I figured the person putting it together just missed this.  I completed the install and gathered my tools to put them away.  I told my wife to take off the protective cover off the door, and I went outside to put away my tools.  I then heard my wife yelling.  I went in and she pointed out the bottom of the door was slightly dented, same side… Read more »

Next time... what you need to do is turn it on, and select the “No Spin” spin cycle and press start. Do not select a wash cycle prior to doing this. “No Spin” puts it drain mode. It’s confusing as hell but this is how you drain an LG washer.