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Lj Lynn

I JUST watched the new GE with agitator and that puts this to SHAME 😲😲😲😲😲

Howard Daley

Dude, go Miele or Bosch you won't be disappointed. Clean clothes and environmentally friendly, they been doing it for over sixty years. Miele had the first fl automatic, which heated water and spun at 750,and that was in 56.


I really enjoyed this video. Not sure how many pair of jeans you go thru but I would love to see a jeans load in this machine. Also, how do you like that Ecos detergent?

Thomas Keets

I was going to purchase this model but, the Electrolux front loader is quieter and cleans better! Couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

Jack Holland CSX, NS, and AWVR fan

A washer with all the good old features inside and out and some good things about the new washers, something with these would be nice

Jose Botija

what about that noise when the agitator starts? How big is that noise?


Please , Please, please do not buy this junk. I literally watched the clothes being washed. The clothes at the top never saw the bottom. Just got wet and swirled around in the water but never got washed and cleaned. Still had stain and dirt on clothes. I regret getting rid of my old Kenmore washer. Did 5 loads and this crap is going back to Lowe's.
JUNK JUNK JUNK! Going back to the old style agitator machine.


Even with deep fill it basically has no water and will not get clothes clean. Complete garbage imo.


For the amount of laundry you do the only machine that will do a good job and not fail quickly is a Speed Queen Front Loader.

Johnald North

Do you still recommend this washing machine?

Kevin Winfree

After seeing all the horrible comments I feel like I need to say I love my Maytag. I have the same model as the video and it does great. My only issue is washing one loaf takes forever.

Marilee Judith

I had this machine for 1 month and hated it from the start. It was totally not what I expected. Not enough water. You can use Deep Fill, but only for the wash. Not for the rinse. Doesn’t make sense. Mine is going back to Maytag and am replacing with a non-HE machine. I tried to like this washer, but just can’t. Too frustrating. Do not buy this one if you like water that covers the clothes. I got a 30 day washer replacement guarantee and am getting my full purchase amount back. This machine is not for everyone.


A traditional top load machine is the way to go if you must have a top loader.

Front load washers have always washed clothes better though and always will.

Miele and LG makes some of the best front load machines you can buy today.

Katherine Smith
I'm not a big fan of this washer. I wanted to love it, but I do not. It cleans well, but it beats and tangles the clothes. Sheets come out tied in knots. Even if you use the delicate cycle, the agitator beats the clothes due to the fact that there is not much water in the drum. My past washers, Kenmore, allowed me to add more water as I determined the need. This washer, determines the water level by auto sensing, which many times my clothes look like they never got wet in some areas. I only use deep… Read more »