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Sokol Graf

Это все хорошо, сколько разлил ?


Этот сумасшедший балуется со ртутью!!!!. Чтобы ускорить процесс может сразу ее выпьешь, чего ее болтать в стакане? !!!

Keith Reynolds
"The speed of rotation depends on the voltage." Pretty close but not quite right. A better answer might say...... the amps flow causes a force on the mercury that causes the mercury to accelerate in the magnetic field. As the mercury is centrifugally pushed to the outside, the magnetic fields weaken causing less thrust. The final average velocity is a balance of the lenze forces on different parts of the mercury and the energy dissipated in the mercury because of viscosity, turbulence and ohmic heating. The amps flow depend in part on the voltage and ohmic resistance, but also the… Read more »

It needs to be a sealed metal dome lined on the outside with many rare earth magnets that can have the polarity controlled by a computer. The magnets will fire in a series driving the mercury around the dome. The faster the series are fired the faster it spins. As the mercury reaches optimal speed from the bottom of the sphere a rare earth metal magnet rod will rise and become charged much greater than the magnets on the outside. This will flatten the mercury along the inner walls and create lift through torque-induced precession


I hope you are wearing a gas mask, if not, you are f**ked.

Валерий Данилов

I think a high-speed camera would show interesting shots


Pq vc não fala português na pohha dos vídeos 😖😡😬☹


Dúvido agora vc beber e morrer 👿😏😃😼
Com essa sua mão de luva branca 🙄😌

civil me timbers

This is how to create antigravity. The Mercury has to be sound alot faster than that but your on the right track.

jake hensley

Terminators are obsolete, just make a time traveling morning after pill.


That's incredible... the mercury takes the shape of the magnetic flux...

Lenny Egova

Я думал увижу нейтронный вихрь, открытие гиперпространства, поток гравитронов... А тут ...))))

Lenny Egova

Если серьёзно то не хватает ячеек и лопастей и будет супер лёгкий электрический движок

Нелли Горшенева

Эксперимент со ртутью😅🤔