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Oh ffs that intro I was actually laughing 🙄😂


I love that drum... really brings back memories of my granny in Portugal who had a servis:)


I would really love to have that washer as my work machine:)

Samsung boy 2008

Today your going to be actually going to be killed by service gem

Kpm 2019

😂😂😂😂😂😂 omg mikey will kill you!

Hotpoint 9534

I see what u did there but u needed a stronger Scottish accent hehehe great video!

Ignas V.

haha this video started with Servis gem's intro and then your intro haha

cindy mckee

no Florence, no Supremes. im looking for Florence. I dont think divas do their own wash. thx forbyr channel

CandyCombi Lavatrice

Thought I was watching one of Mikeys video's for the first 30 seconds...actually.

Callum Dunnachie

Sleep aid video of the merloni do an alarm clock version of the 9530 that would wake you up lol


my grandma had a old whirpool that had the same drum in there like this one also it could dry

Washerfan 53

I like that it has 50° marked on the cottons side. 😃

Washerlad 2014

omg i pissed myself at the intro lmao!! anyway i love how smooth and silent the induction motor sounds!! even puts today's brushless motored washers to shame!!


Great washer dryer 😍thank you for this video

Washing Machine Guy

It's washing pretty well for the amount of water!


Just noticed something strange, your video has a copyright claim of a Cliff Richard Song and you didn't even use it in your video?