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Ms. B1

Washer will fill on rinse cycle but not for the wash cycle.

B. Moskovits

Thanks for the video, I think the a burned out fuse leading to the water filling meter should be added to the options... (I'm a lawyer not a mechanic so excuse my language:)


check also the hot cold water dial as this causes water filling problems .

Patrick McCarron

6 — Defective Water Temperature Switch


HOTPOINT SUCKS! Buy one and you will regret it!

That One Ford Guy

What do you think it is? When I turn my washer on to fill a loud vibration noise is made as the water hoses shake and the water just drips in... you think it could be water inlet? It just recently happened and I have to use a bucket to fill up the washer lol

Jennifer Singleton

my front loader turns on did a wash fine earlier. now any cycle won't fill washer at all

Znarf oal

very educational and AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer Goble

How do I figure out my exact model number on my machine?

Shirley Clark

If washing machine want fill up to wash but will fill up to rinse

Flip Flop

I sure was hooping this said kick the dam thing and drink a beer but nooooo mines still broke

Sun Lite

Washer went directly into agitate without filling... Replaced temperature/fill switch. ( one with tube running to tub) Replaced switch. Saved over $600 for 'basic GE machine to replace Whirlpool.

Sassy Frassy
My 28 yr old Amana is having issues. I bought it used a few years ago and the cold water just trickles in. This was with a new hose, new screens and we checked the water pressure......all that's fine. Without using a tester or tearing into it, I eliminated the inlet valve as the problem by swapping the cold and hot hoses so the cold would run thru the hot side and vice versa. The cold trickled into the hot side. I only recently found it might be the timer. It has another issue too, but I'm on the fence… Read more »
Billy Sikes

If you have a GE Hydrowave Washer the machine will not fill or run with the lid open or if the lid switch is bad. You can replace this switch for less than $20.

Pedro Dheming

Why I pay about $ 750 dollars for this piece of junk. It doesn’t work. Please help me before I sue. GE. Or the Home Depot. I have tried everything. On this shit nothing compared to the GE washing machine I had before. The problem is the same as the other people. BOICOT GE. OR HELP US TO FIX THE PROBLEM THANK YOU EVERYONE