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BC Collier

Too much water to be effective. Needs to be small.

Shari Puckett

What year or how old is that Kenmore Belt Drive washing machine?

Marykay Jenkinds

I really need to find a washer like this...i love the way they wash

Jonathan Álvarez

Can you do a load in the normal cycle? Please

Brian Young

I need that T shirt in my life!!!!! I will be purchasing one.

Andrew G

I have been watching your videos for a while. Could you start filming all your machines on the gentle cycle in the future?

Gotta sell those apps and furniture. There is a very nice vacant store cross from us, it was an ACE hardware. Plenty big showroom, would make for a nice LF&A branch in LORAIN COUNTY, Oberlin. Lorain county can use a good furniture and used appliance store, and it's a great location on SR58 next to a CVS, Macky Deez, and antique store. Too many appliances are scrapped. I bet Lowe's would give you apps that they remove from customers. Something to think about. It's about a half hour drive west of your Cleveland store on i71 to i480, or i90… Read more »

Are you going do a full restore on this washer?


Love my tee shirts! Can’t believe you mixed those colors and whites, that’s a no no. 🙀

Shelly Blanchard

I like the this type as long as doesn't holes in clothes. I had an Aunt who had a 50's front loader. It looked like a big dryer.