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I just got the new coupler...seeing your video , it shows to be an easy fix...crossing fingers this was my problem...

Jermaine Rosado

Thank you so much the video made it alot easier and saved alot of money not everyone has alot of money to buy new washers whenever things break down


Nice video, the only problems where getting stuff out of the way, so you could do the repair. Little tip, maybe tipping back the washer would make it easier to put the motor back on as it iis really heavy,...I used some books to get it into place, also works. This can be done yourself though, but does require some ingenuity and patience!

Lesli Selk

This was fabulous! My husband and I just changed the motor coupler. Your step by step explanations and instructions were very clear. And I have a working washer again! THANK YOU!

Jim Plogger

I am not sure why he found it necessary to remove the washer cabinet to do this job. You only need to lay the washer over and the job can be done without removing the cabinet. He turned a 10 minute job into a 30 minute job.


Hey guys...I completed the repair...it was the rubber coupler, just like in your video... it took about an hour and a half...but went slowly to sure. My washer is now working 100 % ...just like it was new again. Thanks for the video...helped me alot...

Hal Prescott

Thanks for your great video. It was super helpful.


great video...I noticed that the motor is horizontal mounted...?..correct...?..I think I have the same problem, except my motor is directly underneath the tub... hopefully I can easily do the same repair...

Mike Watson

How does my kenmore 110 series belt go on

Steven T. Vickers
Thank you for this video. It was my first time working on my washer and didn't have $700 to buy a new one. Bought the coupler for just under $20 and then started ripping into the back of the washer. I got frustrated and found your video and 20mins later it was "fixed". Now I say "fixed" because it took me another 40 mins to get the back of it together that I ripped off. Seriously thank you so must and the instructions couldn't have been easier. plus you saved me over $700 and tax for a new washer. Here's… Read more »
Trina Sasser

Great video!  Step by step directions were easy to follow.

Paul Seeman

This was awesome! It was dead on. Except that my washer isn't nearly that clean inside. Thanks a lot!!

Joshua Waggener

This is a great step-by-step video. Gave me the confidence to replace the part and keep our washer running. Thanks!

bill andrews

Great vid, but I had a problem . The metal piece on the trans shaft side coupler stripped from the coupler.  Everything spins freely. Any thoughts?

Nina Sheth

Thanks so much. Worked like a charm. Gives me the confidence to replace other parts of my old washer.
Instructions are detailed & easy to follow.

McTommy with cheese

One question before I test my washer, should you be able to turn the motor by hand before putting the last piece with the 2 hoses in it?


Thank you so much! I originally thought it was the clutch but you're including the noise that a broken motor coupler makes made all the difference. Much easier of a job than I did anticipated. Good feelings fixing it myself and saved myself shitload of money!

Nelle Jobe

Hello there I had this problem with the broken coupler. I replaced it put my machine back together and it agitated and spun for like 2 minutes and then slowed down and now is locked up again I took it apart again everything looked okay put it back together again same thing it agitated for about 2 minutes then slow down and is now not moving at all. Do you know what could be my problem now?


Thanks for the video. I had to replace my Kenmore 80 Series Washer drive Coupler. It is the second time in six years. However , it beats buying another washer.


Fantastic, i was able to fix my washing machine without paying someone $200, thank you!

Heather Nilson

What if water doesn't hold in the tub following this fix?

tom stokes

Thanks for helping me fix my washer. 30 minutes and 15 bucks, deal!


The new coupler had metal and thta can strip the transmission and or the motor that's why the arms with all plastic without the metal in there will save you a new transmission and or motor

stewart bruce

Excellent job Matt. A very well easy to understand tutorial. Thank you indeed!

Eugene Spicer

Of course I have to have the kind of control panel he doesn't show how to get off.


So I just followed this helpful video and replaced the Drive Motor Coupling which was broken on my Kenmore 70 Series, but it is still making a loud grating noise during the cleaning cycle. If I lift the tub up a little while it is cleaning it will stop making the noise temporarily. What else needs fixing? Thanks for any help.

Go Outside

Yes! You just saved me from buying another washing machine! I was about to just get some agitator dogs, but took my old machine apart after watching this and the coupler is busted! I'm so happy I can fix this myself!

Ramon Pineda

After reviewed several videos.YOURS WAS THE BEST. ! INCREDIBLE !

Jay Babcock

What a refreshing video. Too many videos are more about the presenter and not about the job at hand. This is straight and to the point. Thanks a million.

I had such a problem getting the water pump off. I knew I would need to break it off so I ordered a new water pump. However now I realize that removing the pump was Not needed. Looks like you could take the motor off with the pump still attached and that would have saved me Hours and a few bucks! And could have kept using the existing water pump... instead of breaking the properly working water pump.Oh well. Live and learn. I am still working on this as I need to file the shaft but I will get it… Read more »

Will this Part fit Kenmore 110 Series?? Thank You!!!

Sister Wendy

I understood you very well. You spoke so well and slowly for this senior to understand every move to do... Spot on tutorial. My whirlpool coupler keeps breaking. 3rd time in 5 years repairing it. Keeps getting unbalanced ( I wont put 3 pairs of shoes at one time in it anymore) is why it keeps breaking. Thanks a Million for all the people you have just helped including me...Peace V

Jeff G.

My washer was not spinning unless you gave it a push. I replaced both couplers and the rubber insert per the video. Washer worked for a couple of weeks but now is doing the same thing again. Any ideas?