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I too found a baby sock in the darn pump. How the heck did it get there, that's the question. Some luck.


Over the weekend i found two socks in the pump line, one in & one right behind it. Thanks for showing me how.


The way Achmed the dead Terrorist says: "Son of a bitch!" god damn sock

nuts 4 knives

What were the symptoms before u found the sock? We lost a sock over the weekend and then on monday the washing machine filled up but won't agitate, spin, or drain. Would this cause all of these symptoms? The lidswitched was overridden months ago so that's not it. I was reading that a frozen pump pully may be my cause but then I seen this video and after loosing a sock I thought maybe I could get lucky and that be the problem?

Anthony Half

thanks to this damn video, i found a wrist band clogging the pump. no sock yet 🙂

much thanks


This machine is designed to do a neutral drain between wash and spin. If socks are being spun out of the tub and getting stuck in the pump it means the neutral drain pak has failed and the washer is doing a spin drain which it shuld not do.


Thank you so much for making the video. I was about to throw my machine in the garbage

Drake Newkirk

Almost bought a new timer, when a great parts salesman, told me to try this first. Thanks for the how to.

T Bear

You pulled too many clothes out at once, forcing the sock into the the lip at the top of the drum. Check it out with your finger at the top plastic shield.

T Bear

No way! It will split the pump at the plastic glued seam before it will pass.

janet webster

i think my washer has ate some of my clothes too cause now it wont drain or spin


I own a Kenmore made by Whirlpool! I had a sock stuck in my impeller/water pump.

Your video helped me get into this bad boy. Thanks for your help!!!


You post saved me at least $150 today. I found a sock in the pump like you haf posted.

Thank you!

Sky Weatherly

I found a sock also. Maybe my agitator was getting loose and let the sock go underneath it to the drain hole there. Or I have to start bagging socks and small underwear before putting them in the wash.

Heather Monarrez

Would the water still leak out after the sock has been removed. We removed a sock and it was leaking just a little bit of water nothing like before. I'm just curious if that was normal.


this machine's "NUNATE" motion bounces the load around like crazy and could easy catapult a sock over the edge and into the tub below with a (over) full load.  And, as a previous comment suggested, it is likely the operator lost the item just pulling clothes out of the unit.  I never pull out clumps of clothes.  Only remove them one item at a time and shake them out, so they dry more easily.

Giovanni Gamboa

I'm getting @ code F-06 on my kenmore Elite front loading washer.dont see any videos on how to fix it yet.

JC Synn

thank you so much. Your 2 minute video save me a $65 house call. So thanks again and keep up the great work.


Great video. This is exactly what was wrong with my washer. Saved me a bunch of money and time.

Brad Hughes

Damn kid's sock clogged mine up. Thanks to this vid i was able to get that sucker out and now I'm back up and washing!!

Iron Man

same thing just happened to me. I wonder how many people throw out their machine when this is the problem.

BbNolga Perez

I have a front load washer & I don't have a bottom access it's so hard to put that ring clamp back on you think I could use a hose clamp?


Everything is EXACTLY the same as my Maytag lol Same washer, different brand label...

Kim Townsel

Thanks! I am working on this now. I recently uploaded a video asking for help, wondering if my pump had gone bad. A viewer provided the link to your video, which is proving helpful!