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Thank you so much part select. Because of you guys I fixed by myself my washing machine. Keep up the good work.

Joseph W

I have the same exact washer. I just bypassed the switch by cutting the wires and shorting them together.

Erika Johnson

Thank you Mr. Whirlpool man! I fixed my washer! YAY!

Koebe Guzauskas

Thank you so much for having these videos on your website! I was able to fix my washing machine, made it so easy! Front assembly was a bit of grrrrrr getting back together needed a second person to help me get that back together, it was so floppy. Anyways love your website PartsSelect' how it gives % options of what the problem could be and what parts will fix, what problems......will have to look at repairing the push start on my dishwasher next.
Thanks Again,

Danny Janota

Great Video... easy to understand and follow!  Female doing for 1st time.  🙂


Nice clearly explanation and instructions. But wow that's a lot of work just to change a lid switch. Thanks

Shamil Gretzky

Thanks for the Video, I have almost the same exact washer by whirlpool, the switch part number was the same, all I did was glue the switch back together and put two zip ties around it. It is working perfectly now! The hardest part is putting the cabinet back on but all it takes is some time and patience 🙂

James Maxwell

Would have been better design to make cabinet in three pieces and bolt it together. Took me over an hour to get the flimsy cabinet to line up while holding the back in place. I have no patience for flimsy. Lots of bad words were flying around laundry room lol.

Patricia Caucie

This video was perfect — I had zero confidence until I watched this, then I did the repair myself after trouble-shooting and ordering the part. It works perfectly — as if new. Thank you for a nicely done video and the confidence needed to do this!

rev wayne

Thank you! This video saved us a $200+ service call!!

Robert Rivera

Just replaced my first lid switch assembly for my washer machine. I followed your step by step instructions and I had no issues.

Charles Ault

excellent video with easy to follow instructions. Very helpful! Thank you

Lillian Bradley

As a single woman I was ready to purchase a new washer. You saved me an easy grand. I am more grateful than I can express!!!

Go Gary

This video works for Kirkland Signature by Whirlpool model SAWS800MQ0. The only addition on this model. There are two plastic straps to unscrew on top back side of washer. Great Video

Lisa Allan

Gotta love YouTube! I have repaired my 1999 Whirlpool Ultimate Care II Heavy Duty washing machine myself over the last several years and she's still going strong!! Amazon for the parts and this video did the trick! I love telling my friends that I don't need to call the repair guy because I am that guy...I mean gal!! 😉 Now back to doing the wash!!

Veronica Ambriz

Thank you for the step-by-step instructions. You saved me a lot of money!

William Blair

Thank You Steve!!..You saved me a lot of money on a service call. Did it myself in 20 minutes.

Mark Abranovich

Thank you me and my hubby just repaired our 8 year old whirlpool washing machine with a simple door switch which cost 52.00 at my local parts store I would of just went out and bought a new washer for 500 so I saved 450.00 lets see how it works thank you so much. Make sure you keep all your screws together and take pictures of things before unscrewing them it helps

Zhiping Liu

This video turned me into an expert. Thank you!

Samantha Butler

Thank you SO much for taking the time to post this video. My Whirlpool Estate, manufactured in 2002, had mold in almost every area of it. Today (thanks to you!) I was able to take it apart, thoroughly clean it, and piece it back together. It looks brand new and is running well. You've saved me so much and not just financially. I can't thank you enough!!!

Yana Bond

It works ! Thank you for your excellent step by step and very detailed instructions. I am a single lady and it helps a lot with a budget to be able to fix my washing machine.


Thank you for such a great instructional video!