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how do you remove the pump to replace it??? mine isn't draining at all

Rick hctep

Thanks, I have the hoover Performa ECO AB130, and the pump starts growling when on number five setting ( rinse and cold water fill ), sounds like a dry bearing, does the pump run in reverse when emptying ?,
nice video, but it would have been better if you had shown it being removed from the machine.

Layne Out SLobs

Hi I have a coin stuck in the pump of the washing machine and can't figure out how to take the bottom of the pump off to remove it . Help?!

Gggg Hhhh

where can I buy a piece that spins around to take the water out


Hi Handy man my washer dryer is not draining properly ...And so i had to drain all the water out my self from a pipe leading to the trap, i unblocked the pipe and put it back on ...I then put the machine back on spin when it was empty and it spun ok...when i put another wash on the machine still would not empty with water ...is it the pump or the motor that needs replacing ...Thanks Aly

malcolm martyn

how should the impeller turn should you get resistance and a light dull clunking or does it spin completely freely?


How many pumps get replaced because they're 'faulty', when it could be a blockage? Good video!!

Robin Taketa

Thanks for video. Saved me a few hundred bucks for a service call. Your video taught me to remove the pump motor and check the impeller for blockages. No blockages but discovered the impeller had broken off. I was then able to order only the pump motor from Amazon for $43.00 whereas other part sites only sold the entire pump and motor assembly for $146.00. Thanks again. Cheers.


Thanks mate. Will be doing this one day this holiday weekend.

Sierra Haq

hi handyman i have got one issue too my haeir washing machine doesn't spin... first it started making noise while drying so i thought i should not use until this noise thing stops after a week i found out that the drainer works re
ally slow and the dryer doesnt run at all what shall i do need help please

Liberty Patriot

Great tip, now hook it up with a pair of testleads and energize it to see it actually operating before installing it back into the washer!

mitch onie

took u longer to set it up than for u to fix it

Mario Lemoine

Excellent video. well describe in a short period of time
thank you

Ultimate Handyman

@Dan S.
Normally most machines empty completely after a cycle.
I'm not a washing machine engineer but perhaps there is a level switch in the machine that is faulty?

Dan S.
Greetings. Great detailed video!! I loved it. I have a front load Samsung with pump in back. Machine works for the most part but won't go into spin cycle from rinse.Pump seems to work for draining water from inside of the tub but does NOT get water underneath the inside of tub. I can hear it sloshing around when I manually spin the tub after machine stops. I've taken the pump apart twice and cleaned a little lint that was inside. Also checked and cleaned sump hose. No change in the operation. Is the leftover water normal to be there… Read more »
Ian Gomes

what is the part in side the drain pump that spins and forces the water through the hose


Thank you. Our extended warranty doesn't cover blockages so would require an expensive call out and repair. This could just well solve it.


My washer wouldn't drain i removed the pump and there was small sock stuck in there, Put it back together it solved the problem but now I have a small drip coming from in between the pump and the assembly. I tried taking off and back on a couple times appears to be seated correctly all around but doesn't have that tight feel it originally and still drips. Any ideas?

Manuel Mendoza

Thank you for the video just fixed my pump...

Allison Stivers

My washing machine won't drain.  We took it all apart and the pump motor was very hot which made us think it was getting overheated and stalling.  My husband hooked electricity up to it and it would still run.  However all this nasty gunky water started coming out of it.  Does that mean the o-ring failed?

Corey Mackay

Hey great video! Wondering if anyone out there can share a link for the parts diagram on a eurotech EWF272ELG 🙂


It wasn't an elastic band you found. It's the rubber seal for the unit.


Normally you dont have to take the pump out. Just tip washing machine up unplug the hoses of the pumb and feel inside for whatever is stopping the impeller to turn. Thats it.

tony prywata

Thank you so much for this excellent video. I managed to take apart my pump and clean SAND out from it as it wasn't pumping. It is now working again properly! I think you saved me £100. SUBSCRIBED

we have a — Siltal — washing machine, that was made in Slovenia or Italy. the factory long has closed. But uses or better used many BOSCH insides.17 (seventeen) years old. we use it daily. The only thing we replaced was the main belt. a belt for the water pump. electric brushes for the pump motor. but now it looks the pump has finally given up. we will get the tester from an outside source and do the check if the pump is dead or not.back now... pump, the same blue box that you have. we also had first removed some things… Read more »

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Mine wasn't draining so followed your vid. Nothing blocked and meter reading fine so guess pump had internal fault (was 4+ years old). Sourced one from eBay for £21 and all is good. Saved £360 we were about to spend on a new machine so cheers.

Jon Andrews

Hi there. Great video. Thanks for posting it.

I have ordered a new pump as my current one is buzzing and vibrating like mad.

Only question I have is when I test it with my multimeter I get around 200 as a result. Very different to what you had.

Does that just mean that it’s trashed?

Debbie Brookfield

I washed a rubber backed mat the rubber bits came off in drum how can I remedy this as it will no longer drain water


thank you very much sir! thanks to you, 100 bucks stayed in my pocket...

Andy Baker

Great video saved my machine big thumbs up👍👍

paul carberry

thankyou ultmate handy man, your videos have helped me greatly.

Kesha Mitchell

Hi, how do i rempve a sock that is blocking the drain pipe. has the water backing up


How is the fan in the motor suppose to rotate

mlb6d9 :

Nice! My pump strainer was completely full of pocket change, driver bits, USB thumb drives, screws, etc — and a rubber tile spacer had gotten by and brought my washer to it's knees. This worked beautifully — Thanks!

Cathy Bugden

had kitchen upgrade . machine worked fine before work started. now won't drain full of grit

Daniel Swain

Didnt know you could access the pump from underneath, brilliant, thanks. Oh and just a quick question, id like to test my pump could you recommend a general multi meter i could buy?

Eli Terrazas

@ultimate handyman My pump is reading 0.01 on the multimeter????

mauro campos
Hello good afternoon, how are you? I'm watching your videos and they're very educational, congratulations, the next I got a friend's gift from a washing machine wipool duet model 9200, a beautiful washing machine I was very happy with the present, but she has a problem that I can not figure out , When I press the button to connect it emitted a sound signal and not of the match, I am a test asoprando the tube of the pressure switch to it of the start but not stops of filling of water, it is that can help me, I… Read more »