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This is awesome and wish I could be there to see this in person. If you ever get an front load speed queen or a old Maytag washer please keep me in mind. Great job mate.


I wish I knew you before I said bye to my 1996 Sears Kenmore Washer.

Alec Bailey

Exactly what I thought happens. Keep up the good work!


I have two machines refurbed in a similar fashions. Fully disassembled and cleaned, including removing the outer tub. Painted the outer cabinet, treated rusting around the bleach dispenser and on the base pedestal. replaced the tub support (new spin bearings), spin tube & brake (new agitate bearings), new clutch (altho not the 6-pad), opened the transmission on one for a neutral drain kit, new agitate shaft (to match the new bearings), and fresh oil. No interest from any prospective buyers in more than a year.


You are such a awesome man. Great work. I really enjoyed watching this. 👍🏽


Good video. What kind of cleaning products do you use when cleaning these things?


Now THAT is how you restore a direct drive. Nice work on the water valve and spin clutch change!


I have a 2016 SQ top loader and I fear for the day that I ever have to replace it rather than fix it. But when that day comes I’ll drive to Cleveland 7 hours for one of your units lol!

Robert Przybylowicz

Gee I wish I lived closer to you Eugene, I'd buy all my machines from you!!! Fantastic Job!!!


Epic video! Big thumbs up. Thank you. Do you sell reconditioned washers in your area too?

shaun kanary

Model number please? Really love the video none the less.

rose thomas

I'm in Illinois, otherwise I would definitely be doing business with you!

Lex Larkin

What a fabulous video. Thx so much for sharing!


Oh my God, you covered every part of that washer like a personal masseuse an incredible job! Who wouldn’t buy a machine reconditioned by you. I certainly would after seeing this.


I'm putting together a list of questions about my LG front loader. I had three washers that I could find no one to repair that I hated to get rid of, each for a different reason. Scheduling an appointment soon!

Albert Carello

I now have a 2018 Speed Queen that has bad reviews regarding washing performance rated inferior.

lightspeed HENSLEY

better then new junk of today they put out !!!

Mr. Poe

👍🏼 great work I repaired over 6 washers and 3 dryers with no experiences within the first repair I’m the type who likes to open up things and already see the problems

Drew K

this refurbished machine would deliver better results and longer service than the new machines.

Ed Ralls

Very nice work done with a lot pride!! Thanks as always!

kssksskills tank

Ahh a direct drive...best machine ever! Good job! Have u seen the new tc5000 speed queen?

Samantha Obrien

Wish refurb shops in my part of the UK did an honest refurb job on the machines they sell ,good luck with your business 🇬🇧

John Texas
Eugene--just looked at a great ad on 'pic of the day' on the automatic washer website, for a mid fifties Bendix. Now, I've loved appliances since I was in college in the 70's but have never worked on any. I look at an ad like this, where that Bendix has variable fill choices, separate choices for wash and rinse, and time choices. Other than noticing that the spin speed is only 525rpm, I just don't see where we have made real advances in washing! Oh, I know there are all these silly choices on our FL's now that basically just… Read more »
Rodrigo Guajardo

Where can I found this web page or physical store


Awesome Job... So do you have a website listing the refurbs that you are offering for sale? The older ones are so much better these newer ones...I especially loved the old early 1980's Whirpool Machines.


American top loaders are such a piece of shit !

Peter H

I really enjoyed watching this.
Awesome restoration Eugene.
This washer is better than new now! 👍👍👍

Max Shadow

See what happens when you don't use hot water and bleach (at least a few times a month), the inner tub and outer tub were covered with body oils and crud. It just redeposits instead of dissolving and running down the drain.