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Howard Daley

Hi, it was my Aunt's Bauknecht 488s, that got me addicted to washers, loved seeing the window all white with suds during the Boil cycle, it was the Constructa that had the real boil wash, but Constructa gave the patent to Miele and AEG. Constructa is now a subsidiary of Bosch Siemens — Hausergate Gmbh.


I love that machines from Philips and Whirlpool so much!!!!
I saw in UK it will give a model with 1300rpm
I habe the topmodel in Germany with 1200 xD
I like it, that you can find many machines all over the world 🙂

Paul Knight

Welcome back home Brandon, I hope you are ok and looking forward to a new start. I really hope everything works out well for you. Your time in Australia would have been a very different experience without Matt & Eliot's amazing friendship 🙂

Evolution Bro's

Nice machine I have bad new my wma64 died 🙁 went so unbalanced it wrecked itself gutted got a new machine now