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Thank you for the videos my grandmother wants a new washing machine as her's is still kinda working but not cleaning well anymore and the repair will cost just as much as buying a new one. She was thinking of buying a top loading HE machine but everything I've seen in videos she will not be happy at all with those wash times and the locking lid. I think I'll just tell her to get the same model Speed Queen that I have Quick 30ish minute washes average water removal and the wash tub will fill all the way. It… Read more »

Speed Queen all the way. There's no substitute or comparison.

Paulette Long

my washer is a2009 whirlpool cabrio model number wtw6700tw2. I load washer turn it on. it starts leaking water in floor while washing what do u thinks wing with it?


can you tell me if your able to use the deep water with all cycles? you have had your machine for a while do you like it because I'm about to purchase this machine my self and just wanted your opinion on it .

Xena: Destroyer of Nations

You might have already figured it out by now, but they say you're not supposed to cover the impeller with the laundry. You have to kind of lay it around the edge like a donut.