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Wd Kofc

Hey Scott, did you have to replace the plastic outer tub? Mine is chewed up because the spider bracket on mine was destroyed. I think they should send me a new one because the warrantied part failed and it was a domino effect on the spider arm, the s.s. tub and plastic outer tub. Also, did the shaft and 3 sets of bearings come with your new S.S. drum? Thanks

Laura McAlvey

I'm fixing my whirlpool bearings as well and just noticed the spider is broke in three places. I am assuming you are not a whirlpool repair man so do you think I could expect similar results by calling the warrenty department? Are there any verbal tricks you can give me?

Luis Ramos

What phone number you called to get warranty dept. I only got service dept. But they want $99 to send a tech to diagnose what I already know the problem is.



Mark Swink

I followed your advice, purchased that paint and prepped/painted our new spider assembly before installation. That POR-15 paint is some impressive stuff...what a smooth finish for a brushed on product. I was so impressed with it I showed it to several friends before installing, and they were equally impressed and will be buying some of that paint for other projects.

Time will tell how well it protects the metal, but it certainly has to help. We got 13 years out of the last spider without a coating.

Thank you for the video!

Daniel Winn

GE has a lifetime warranty on their Inner Tubs. When you jump through all their loops and get to the right department. They will send you a replacement inner tub for free. It comes with a new spider brace and shaft. I would still do something to protect the spider brace lie coating it. It should increase the life of it. GE Warranty phone # I finally got results from is 800-386-1215.

Raul Escobedo

Just got a new spider for my Kenmore Elite front load washer I've seen videos where everybody Paints the spiders so I used rustoleum primer and Rust-Oleum aluminum paint going to spray paint a coat of clear coat and a coat of clear Flex Seal any other advice you think that that paint will work thank you oh by the way my washers like 14 years old thanks

Peter D.

The first year that these duet washing (Whirlpool by Electrolux) machines came out I noted that the spiders were anodized. So apparently the company is aware that these spiders are subject to corrosion and so they anodized them in order to protect them. The anodizing was eliminated on newer machines. I took apart a first model year machine in order to replace the bearings and noted that the spider anodized and was in perfect condition. I have taken apart later model duet machines (that lacked the anodizing) and noted that the spiders were in terrible (in danger of failing) condition.

Rick emery

I painted mine and I got black spots in my laundry for a year so far

Steve Kolusk

Electrolysis. dishwashers will do the same thing to silverware or other things made out of these metals.

mic jam

just wondering...  were you getting a loud clunk during the spin cycle with the bad bearing?

Cole Brown

Nice anything preventive is awesome why can’t these morons make shit to last

Lance Andres8j

Where can I buy a spider bracket for a Whirlpool duet model wfw9200sq02? Whirlpool says there is no warranty for it and the want to charge 500+ dollars forcing you to buy the drum and shaft as one piece...


Real American engineering at the grass roots level. Love the coating. They should stick that aluminum up their ass.