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Dorothy Balkin

I need to know why the fabric softener and bleach dispensers fill with water. I cannot add fabric softener and bleach to the washer.

Dorothy Balkin

I do not have this model with the buttons. This video is not helpful.

Benjamin Prado

My whirlpool duet doesn't spin dry neither shows error code. There 's still elapse time remaining and then stop. What's the problem?

Mck Tee

Door Lock indicater keep on flashing and door lock will not reaese . I have to pull the manual unlock
E01 and F06 Error message comes on. What could be causing this ? Can anyone help?

Jim Jim

I took a photo but I don't know why the whirlpool dryer has give me a code that looks like either a Zero or C and the dryer won't turn off or back on. The dryer was working okay and then out of no where I get this code zero or c and nothing happens. I would upload a photo so you can see for your self but I don't see how you can do that. What could be going on with this whirlpool dryer that is less then a year & half old ????.

olives peppers

Electronic "junk", piece of "junk" Whirlpool.

Balkar Singh

thank you i fixed mine with your help...


Hi my neighbor has a kenmore HE2 11047532601 front panel is different but close will this work? Doesn't start door locks . add garment and door lights come on load type etc. then thats it nothing works after that, can't unlock door even if you can get the add garment light to flash on/off ,She saw acouple error codes but doesn't remember what any ideas? Thanks Neil


Wrong model. My duet washer has a rotary select dial. The only buttons are Control On, Start, and Cancel. Water temp, buzzer volume are selected thru sequential button.