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Max Power

Sir, thank you for taking the time to record yourself doing such a simple task to you, but for dumdums like me this was very helpful. tip for people. disengage the pedestal drawer w a ratchet on the screws to the side of the drawer. having that outta the way made this job so much easier. again, thank you Murf!

Jennifer Webb

Thank you so much! When my washer repairman didn't come today as scheduled, I watched your video and cannot believe how easy this is to do! Hardest part for me was figuring out how to get the screws off and so I learned what a socket is today!

Leatrice Boncardo-Scialabba

I cannot thank you enough for posting this. Baby socks and change and everything else constantly gets clogged in my washer drain. Costs me $70 every time I call the repair man. I call a few times a year!! You just saved me. Most recently one of my teenage daughter knee socks was stuck in there. I have to put EVERYTHING in garment bags with this washer. So frustrating. Thanks again!!

Jeffery H

Thank you for posting this! When our home warranty couldn't come out til May 1, I googled the error code that led me to you. So glad to have found you. I had baby socks, hair bands, an earring, buttons, various unknown bits of cloth and about $2 in change in that drain catch.


Here is to my new best friend !!! In less than 10 mins, you stopped my wife from complaining !!! ( at least for now). You wouldn't  believe the stuff that clogged that filter, I made money after pocketing all the coins out of it !! Thanks for taking the time to make the video !!  Your the Best !!!  

Ricardo Gonzalez

Thanks, I never realized how to keep the water from draining out all over and under the machine. I didn't realize that drain comes off and can be tilted to drain into a bucket.

Hugh Wells

Thanks a lot.  My Duet was a little different, but it was an easy fix.

Charles Ragsdale

Thanks. I got my washer running again now...Your Awesome!!

Will W

Was about to try and take the back off the machine to try and figure the problem out, and then I saw this video. Works perfectly now, thanks!

Donna Patterson

Thanks so much!  I was all stressed out thinking I had a major money problem.  This was so easy — I pulled tons of dog hair and 2 quarters out of my pump drain catch.  It's working great now.  Going to run an empty wash with vinegar to get the smell out.  Thanks again!!

Cathy Eng

Thanks for the great video!  It saved us a visit from the repairman.  We actually had coins and a rag in there!  

Murf 's

Mr. Wang...first I suggest leaving the door open after use...you can even wipe off the boot after each use. If the smell continues...you may have replace both the boot and the pump if the mold has built for to long. Hope this helps and good luck.


Michael Wang

Thanks for a good video. My washer has a strong mildew odor. How is the best way to get rid of the mildew odor. Used Affresh, however does not last long ... Thanks in advance ...

Erik Lund

thanks you saved me a bundle and now I have a happy Wife!

Mark Silverman

my duet was just like this, about 5.25 in coin... but i did unplug from wall and did find daughters small stocking did get sucked into small hole inside side of pump, this is what clogged and stopped my washer. now it works again great, after removing ALL stuff from PUMP.


Thanks a lot for the video. It was very easy to follow. I hope it fixed the draining problem

Carol Coleman

i have the new duet that does not have a kick plate. how do I get to the filter?

Andrea Powers

Thank you so much! This was extremely helpful and saved us a lot of money and headache!

Tom Long
Thanks for the video that solved my issue of the machine not draining and shutting down or draining slowly. Mine is an early 2000s Duet and slightly different — ¼ inch machine screws (not the #20 torque) and the filter protrudes more in the front and the access port is actually outside the floor pan of the washer. I did not have to take the pump loose as shown. I used a large commercial dust pan to catch water and debris. The filter was packed with coins, nails, earrings, and lots of lint. I also cleaned the drain line — on this… Read more »
Jimmy Scott

Can this cause torn clothes? I started getting torn clothes from the washer and then saw the "dirt" and knew it was from a "filter" of some sort. AND just saw your info video. Thanks for the help!!! Who knew the washer has a "lint trap" too? Ugh!?!?!

Christian Paris

hey man thank you for this video.  you just saved me a service call

Robert Ortiz

Great help in cleaning my pump! Found a dine and quarter bobby pin and large screw in it!


Great video thanks . But what if we cannot take the filter out ? I mean , it seems stuck , can't turn to the left to open it

Joe Fuentez

Every one of these videos I’ve seen are recorded in the damn dark.

Murf 's

Make sure when you drain it all the grim is out of between the threads. Wipe it clean. Then retry.


Tips: A shop vac with a tapered nozzle will suck up the pint of water as you unscrew the cap. No need to undo mounts. Works if on a stand or not.
A head mounted light from Home Depot or Lowes lights up where you look — handy for cap removal and finding the screw holes when reattaching the 3 screws.
Three screws on the bottom cover can be hard to get to — may need an extension if not using a manual driver.
I am only one penny richer after following this procedure.

Karen S

Thank you — this video was great! One thing that I discovered that wasn't mentioned is that the knob comes apart. I couldn't figure out why it still smelled so bad after removing the bunch of dog hair. And I discovered it came apart. There were gobs of sledge trapped in between! Smells much better now

Heidi MacGowan

Thank you soooooo much!!!!! I live rural and saved a huge bill!

Rick Lovall

Thank you for this video. You just saved me a call to a repairman! Somehow a hankie had gotten into the trap and had stopped it up. Unbelievable.

Rad Roberts

Great! BTW if you don't have a #20 torques tool you can slip a socket over the OUTSIDE of the screw (9/32 socket for me) and get them off easily that way without stripping the screws.

Scott Wagner

Thank you so much for posting this video it was a huge help!

Jacque Scott

Thank you!   Could not even find the model number of our machine.  Glad your video was the first to answer my Google question.  That thing should be cleaned out once a year a regular maintenance, did not know it was even there.  Thanks again!

Ja Ja

For the newer versions with a single piece front panel you can access the pump from the bottom. I pulled the washer away from the wall and then leaned the washer back against the wall. There are only 2 ¼" hex screws holding a panel small panel the bottom. Take that panel off, be careful there are a couple wires secured to the panel with plastic clamps. The pump can be taken off the front of the washer for easy access to the filter. The pump is only held on by some rubber "things".

Jimmi Jones

thank you for your easy to follow and understand video I appreciate it when someone knows what they're talking about and is fluent in not putting on a 30 minute video explaining every little detail and still gets the job done