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Kimberly Olson

need help on Model 40441900 wash machine,need to unplug to reset before each load

Joel Goldsmith

Thanks!  Saved me $100 on a service call and it took me 10 minutes.

I Ship

First time washer worker   What number do I use to Order a clutch and were is it located at  ? Anyone    I have a Kenmore top loader

Bluesocks 11

My water levels knob is very tight and the washer only washers in extra small ;/


Thanks for this very well done video.
I replaced the lid switch and it works. Thanks for the geat info.


Great video. Saved me a lot of time. Thanks!

diane murphy

hello there, I have a whirlpool top loader but it always leaves residue of dirt in the bottom and the clothes are soiled, has it a filter . many thanks model num 3RGSC9400SLO, SER CU1440410


Thanks for all the GREAT vids on washer and dryer repair.


You saved me hundreds of dollars from having to buy a new washer! You the man!


Nearly 9 years on since you posted this and today it helped me here in the UK, where it seems Repair engineers shy away from these great machines. Thank you.

David Kerr

awesome, about to give up on repair when I found you vid- it's fixed now!


When I pull the nozzle out to set the desired load,it just keeps on turning making the machine clunk and lots of noise,I stop and hold the piece button is connected to and spin it to that load,then push it in and it begins to fill but it needs repairing and I'd like to know how to fix it myself or would I be better off getting a hold of an appliance repairman,I think I answered my own question,lol.

Dennis Hooper

my old kenmore model 110 4000090 belt broke...and it looks impossible to replace...any idea... looks like a direct drive system...

George Fleszar

Great video. Clear information and up to date. I was trying to figure out how to put my Kenmore Elite washer. I searched for videos for about 45 minutes. They either didn't show reassembly or showed machines that didn't correlate with my configuration. Once I found this video it took me 5 minutes to get the machine up and running. THANKS !!!

Michael Diaz

Anyone here knows how to open a Kenmore Series 100 HE (110.2022*410) in order to replace a two-prong (non-polarized) power cord? The part # is W10132081A but I can't find it. Only on eBay but it's used and I need a brand new one. Seems like these washers are exported to Canada and also Puerto Rico (my place). Any help/hint will be appreciated...


LOL I put everything back and in the process I broke one of the plastic retainers that allow the control panel to bend backwards. I continued anyway. The only problem now is that the cover is loose, you know; Left, right and front sides. I'm too tired right now, so I'll get back to it tomorrow.

Kris Applegate

So what do you do when the panel won't budge at all?

Renee Harward

how do you remove the agitator on a calypso washer?


Thanks, I have some wild mouses, have to clean-up the inside...

Doob Mtn

Thanks, this helped make my home repair happen!